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This is Not In My Mailbox

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While trying to the avoid getting caught up in the Drama that has been the YA blogging community the past week, I do have some strong opinions that I want to express.  If you are tired of the plagiarism scandal, please scroll down to the photo I have added to this post for your enjoyment. 

Early last week, Kristi from The Story Siren was busted for plagiarism.  Her lack of judgment was actually discovered by the fashion bloggers she stole content from way back in January, but at her request, they choose to keep quiet about the discovery after she deleted the posts with the filched content.  Jane from Dear Author and Sarah from Smart B*tches caught wind of the cover up and exposed her dishonesty on their blogs.  Why am I even mentioning this?  Because as someone who loves books and loves words, I am not going to support her blog any longer by linking to her site, participating in her memes or entering her contests.  I urge you to do the same, if you love authors and their words as much as I do.

I am writing this post on Wednesday evening because I will be out of town over the weekend.  Because Kristi’s published apologies are vague and don’t actually take ownership of her indiscretions, I am including links so that you can read about the mess for yourself.  Form your own opinion of how to handle the situation.  I have a very difficult time supporting a blogger, a prominent leader in the YA blogging community, as well as an aspiring author, after she has been caught stealing another’s words and representing them to the community as her own. 

After reading her two non apologies, I was appalled.  She did not take ownership of her misdeeds, and in order to truly be forgiven for a crime, the perpetrator needs to actually be remorseful for their actions.  She does not do that.  She instead worries about her connection with publishers and authors, with little regard for her readers, the sole reason for the existence of her blog.  Instead of fessing up for her plagiarism, she says that “It was a confusion of inspiration and plagiarism on my part.”  That left me in a confusion as to the sincerely of her apology.  She dances around the issue, instead of accepting her guilt. 

If you are interested in reading more about this, check out these links –

Rachel from Parajunkee’s View

Jane from Dear Author

Sarah from Smart B*tches

B from Beautifully Invisible

V from Grit and Glamour

These are bloggers that I respect.  They have integrity, they are well spoken, and they don’t shy away from the truth.  That is behavior that I expect from a “leader” in a blogging community.  What I don’t expect are lies and half-truths.  Plagiarism is a big deal.  It gets you kicked out of school or fired from your job.  I don’t understand the lack of concern from Kristi’s most ardent admirers.  The reason I hear is that she is nice.  Guess what, guys? People thought that Ted Bundy was a charming guy, too. 

To borrow a page from The Story Siren (see, I am giving her credit), I will be moderating any comments received on this post.  Insulting comments will be deleted.  I will be out of town most of Sunday, so comments probably won’t start showing up until later in the day.

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Have a great Sunday!