Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge – 2014 Blogging Resolutions


Parajunkee is hosting the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge.  I enjoy participating in these challenges, so I will be joining in as often as I can.  Here are my 2014 blogger resolutions.

1.  First and foremost – don’t put so much pressure on myself to blog the “right” way.  There is no right way to run your own blog.  I know that I host a lot of interviews and blog tours, but I enjoy them, so this content will continue into 2014.  For a while I was reading complaints that too many bloggers are hosting promo type posts, so I have gotten a little pickier about what I feature, but I like interacting with authors and look forward to introducing them to you, so I will keep doing so.


2.  Post more reviews.  Last year, the puppies cut into my reading time in a big way.  Now that they are older, and don’t need as many trips outside,  I’ve been able to fit more reading time into my schedule.  I was able to read just over 150 books in 2013, and for 2014, I am challenging myself to clock in at 175.

3. Read what I want to read, when I want to read it!  This is so basic, but I get roped into self-imposed review deadlines, which cuts back on my reading enjoyment.  I’m not going to lock myself into as many scheduled reviews as I have in the past.  While my goal is still to post several reviews per week, I will be more flexible about which books I read.  I will try to resist the hype about the Next Great Book, though I admit that this is hard for me.  I look at every book as an undiscovered treasure, and if a lot of people are raving about a title, I get caught up in the excitement.

4. Utilize the library more often.  I have a very nice library system that I can make use of.  The only problem is that my library doesn’t have many new books, so I have to request them from the lending library.  By the time I receive them, some titles have been out for quite awhile, so I don’t feel these reviews are always relevant.  I have to get over that and review the books anyway.  There are plenty of books that I don’t discover until a blogger reviews it long after the release date, so I hope I can make you aware of older books you might have missed out on the first time around.

5. Finish what I started. There are several series that I started, enjoyed, but never finished.  Since I need closure, I am going to make it a goal to complete some of these series.  I have made a start with The Cahill Witch Chronicles, and Veronica Rossi’s fabulous Under the Never Sky series.   I need to wrap up the Drake Family Chronicles, and many others this year.

6. Don’t get caught up in the drama.  Last year, there was a scandal of the week, almost every week.  I don’t have time to waste on these.  Some authors and bloggers are going to stir the pot, sometimes needlessly, and I am going to ignore them this year. I don’t care who gets caught plagiarizing, name-calling, or ratting out reviewers for dissing on their books.  Instead, I will avoid reading said authors or visiting said blogs.  I will spend that time reading instead!

If you blog, what are your resolutions? If you don’t, what are  some of your personal resolutions?

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  • January 15, 2014 at 2:18 am

    Great resolutions! It is great to see someone sticking to what they like to do! Very refreshing!

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