Interview with Marisa Cleveland, Author of Reforming the Cowboy

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Hi, Marisa, welcome to the Manga Maniac Café!  Can you please describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

[Marisa Cleveland] writer. reader. infinite dreamer. that’s me.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Can you tell us a little about Reforming the Cowboy?

[Marisa Cleveland] Thanks for asking! This book is about a guy who needs a girl to help him get back on the Country music charts. It’s also about a girl who needs a guy to help her launch her dream of owning a successful coffeehouse. But as they both help each other get what they want, it makes them better people and changes their perspective.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] How did you come up with the concept and the characters for the story?

[Marisa Cleveland] There are many different ways this story came into existence. One piece of it comes from my addiction to espresso and music. So, I gave Lacey the coffeehouse and Billy the Country tunes. I’m a huge fan of Blake Shelton, The Voice, and Starbucks. This story let me combine all three!

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What three words best describe Billy?

[Marisa Cleveland] Creative. Loyal. Reformed!

[Manga Maniac Cafe] If Lacey had a theme song, what would it be?

[Marisa Cleveland] Oh! I love this question! Theme song… theme song… there are too many! Okay, the best one for her pre-Billy would be BareNaked by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Name one thing Billy is never without.

[Marisa Cleveland] His guitar. 🙂

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What three things will you never find in Lacey’s bathroom?

[Marisa Cleveland] Oooooh! How fun! Her phone, bubble bath, and cookies!

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What is Billy’s greatest regret?

[Marisa Cleveland] Billy’s greatest regret is not being able to save his parents.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What are your greatest creative influences?

[Marisa Cleveland] I’m influenced by so much of the world around me, but my hubby is definitely one of my greatest creative influences. Him and champagne.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What three things do you need in order to write?

[Marisa Cleveland] Besides the computer/tablet/phone to pour out my heart, I also need champagne and hand lotion.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What was your biggest distraction while working on Reforming the Cowboy?

[Marisa Cleveland] Hehehehee… my hubby! He’s working on his doctorate in information systems, and we converted a bedroom into an office. I love that we are in the same room, but I will admit, it’s distracting at times. 😉

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What is the last book that you read that knocked your socks off?

[Marisa Cleveland] I have read so many fabulous books lately! I mean, it’s crazy amazing how many great authors are out there! The last knocked my socks off book that I read comes down to timing. I was lucky enough to grab Jaime Rush’s Dragon Awakened (releasing in December), and WOW!

[Manga Maniac Cafe] If you had to pick one book that turned you on to reading, which would it be?

[Marisa Cleveland] I don’t remember a time without books, so I can’t say for certain which specific book turned me on to reading. But I do remember sitting in front of the stereo (record player) and following along to my favorite books over and over again.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

[Marisa Cleveland] When I’m not writing, I’m usually daydreaming or thinking about writing or I’m reading. My hubby and I take long walks and talk about random topics that spring to mind. We like to play chess, eat strawberries, and Fox Trot around the kitchen. Sometimes I play with Adobe Photoshop or Corel VideoStudio. I have a sewing machine I don’t know how to use. But mostly I’m writing or reading.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] How can readers connect with you?

[Marisa Cleveland] I love to connect with other readers through social media!

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Thanks so much for having me on your blog! I love your unicorn graphic. Unicorns are a personal fave of mine.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Thank you so much for stopping by!

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About the book:

Country singer Billy Hardy needs to get back on the charts. His manager assures him headlining the opening of a cafe in South Beach is his best chance at getting back to the big time. If he fails, his career is over for good this time.Lacey Durant can’t believe opening night includes the country singer she crushed on through college. And her customers agree he’s dreamy. But his playboy reputation threatens her cafe’s image and she can’t afford that. She insists Billy stay with her so she can keep an eye on him, and thwart overenthusiastic fans.Billy’s charms and Lacey’s sexy curves prove more than either can resist, but she refuses to be just another lyric in his well-known songs of heartbreak.

About the author:

Marisa Cleveland loves to laugh, hates to cry, and does both often. As a writer, she writes. Every day. If she couldn’t express herself through writing, music, and dance, she would die. Perhaps because she married her best friend, her adult romance novels focus on playfully naughty relationships developed through friendship and family-oriented values. She believes romance novels are the perfect “how to” books, because no matter the obstacles, the characters keep working toward their happily ever after. She loves to connect with writers and readers through social media.


He stepped back, his eyes regarding her with unreadable scrutiny. "Do you have to control everything?"

A shiver of fear slid in her stomach. She was a private person. She didn’t want the whole world to know how close she’d come to failure. "Just promise me."

Flashing her a sardonic smile, he drawled, "Honey, I don’t make promises I can’t keep."

Her hands fisted at her sides. "You are so insensitive! For just once in your life, why can’t you be reliable and make a promise and keep it?"

Her eyes widened as she realized what she’d said.

He advanced forward, and she shuffled back until her back hit the refrigerator, even though nothing but the ferocity of his gaze pinned her in place. "Honey, in Country, in order for a song to be good, it has to be honest. This is me being honest."

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