My Credit Card Screams – Another Journey to Disney

Since I got sick last year and didn’t thoroughly enjoy my visit to Disney, not to mention my failure in my goal to eat my way around the world, I informed Dean that we’re going to see Mickey again.  He didn’t put up much of a fuss, so I polished up my credit card and prepared it for the heavy burden of the Disney trip.

I shopped airfare and hotel rates for 3 weeks before deciding that we need to stay at the Hilton, so we can still take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours.  It’s the only non-Disney hotel that participates.  I wonder how much that cost them?  I was even able to rent a car, budget for a day at Universal, and upgrade to a junior suite for less than the cost of a standard room at Animal Kingdom.  Staying at a Disney property is prohibitably expensive, especially if you are a hotel snob like I am.  Damn the San Diego Marroitt and Marina; it has spoiled me for lesser hotels!

I still have to purchase the park passes, but I hope to get those through AAA.  Failing that, there is a site online that sells them at a higher discount than Travelocity. 

Speaking of Travelocity, this year they were over $500 cheaper than Expedia!  Normally, it’s the other way around, and I wasn’t even going to shop them!  However, I had a problem with Expedia and disappearing Disney Park Hopper tickets, which even a call to their customer service department didn’t fix – they said I had to stay at a Disney property to purchase park passes from them.  Since when???  Until I went to actually book the trip, the park passes were saved on the itinerary.  Then, when I tried to pay for the trip, the tickets disappeared!  And I couldn’t get them back.  Rebuilding the trip did not help.  The tickets were no longer offered.  So I went to Travelocity while I was on the phone with the Expedia customer service rep, and proved to him that you CAN buy the tickets on line if you aren’t staying at a Disney property.  When I saw how much cheaper the vacation was with Travelocity, I thanked the guy for his time, told him the price at Travelocity, and told him I could be booking with them instead.

Now I have to book a hotel room by the airport, as our plane leaves at 6:40 am.  My biggest fear is that we miss the flight – Dean has an adversion to getting to the airport early, which has almost cost us 3 vacations now.  Hopefully this trip will begin a little more smoothly.