Review: The Switched Baby Scandal by Theresa Meyers


Title:  The Switched Baby Scandal

Author:  Theresa Meyers


May Contain Spoilers

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His child. Her daughter. One monumental mix-up.

Single mom Taylor Lawrence just discovered that the hospital sent her home with the wrong infant five years ago. Now the headstrong and handsome biological father wants his child back. But Emily has always been her daughter, and Taylor wont give her up without a fight.

Widower Reece Wallace believed his life was over when a drunk driver killed his wife and daughter. So when he learns of the baby switch, he sees this child as his ultimate salvation. But he never anticipated the fiery woman on the other side of this custody battle or how shed stir feelings in him long dormant.

As the media storm surrounding the hospitals mistake intensifies, Taylor and Reece find there’s more to sort out than custody of Emily they must work together to protect her while grappling with their growing attraction. Can they pick up the pieces of two broken families and meld them into something new?


I enjoy Theresa Meyers’ writing, so I had to read this book.  The premise intrigued me as well.  What would happen if someone discovered that the child they had been raising since birth wasn’t theirs?  What if the hospital messed up, or worse, someone intentionally switched their baby with someone else’s?  How would you feel when you found out, years later? How would you feel when you discovered that your natural child perished in a terrible accident?  There are lots of loaded questions here, and I was curious to see how they were answered.

When Taylor discovers that her daughter, Emily, isn’t her biological daughter, she is both devastated and confused.  How could this be?  Wouldn’t she know that the child she has been raising isn’t hers?  I can’t imagine being told that!  Taylor has been a single mother for four years, struggling to give her daughter every advantage possible.  Her ex dumped her like a hot potato after she got pregnant, and she’s been trying to get him to pony up for the child he helped create.  With a court case pending, and now with a report proving that Michael isn’t the father, she’s at her wit’s end.  The paternity test isn’t the only question mark in her life now; Taylor wants to know what happened in the hospital, and how she came home with the wrong infant.

Reece is struggling with survivor’s guilt.  He lost his wife Becca, and their young daughter in an accident, and he’s having a hard time moving on.  Who could blame the guy?  He lost his whole life in one awful moment, and he still can’t believe that he’s alone.  His contentment is shattered, and he doesn’t think he will ever get it back, or worse, that he deserves to have it back.  When the hospital lets him know about the mix up, he instantly has a new reason to live.  He has a child out there, and he wants to get to know her and provide for her.  He feels guilty again because Taylor’s daughter died, but he is jubilant that he has a child.  I really liked Reece.  He’s dealing with a lot of issues, but he immediately wants to accept responsibility for Emily.  He immediately wants to take care of both Taylor and Emily, even though Taylor is so resistant at first.  And again. who can blame her? Everything that she thought was true turns out to be anything but the truth.

This is essentially a story about healing and learning to trust in love again.  Reece isn’t ready for a commitment, and he wants his next marriage, should there be one, to be built on love, not friendship.  He and Becca married because she was pregnant, and while they were happy together, Reece wasn’t madly, deeply in love with her.  Next time, though, that’s what he’s going to have. If only he could get beyond the guilt thing.  He is so eaten up with guilt that he resists Taylor tooth and nail.  He is so fearful of being disloyal to Becca’s memory that he just can’t get involved with anyone, and I think that is where I had problems engaging with the story.  The pacing is slower that I liked, and while Reece and Taylor are attracted to each other, they constantly deny, deny, deny their feelings.    While they are together most of the book, their relationship progressed at a snail’s pace. 

Ultimately, this is a feel good romance that is a long time in developing.  While I liked Reece quite a bit, Taylor took a while for me to like.  I loved her mom, though!  Emily was also a little too cutesy at times. 

Grade:  B-/C+

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