Review: Storm Force Episode 1 by Susannah Sandlin



Title:  Storm Force

Author: Susnnah Sandlin


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:


As leader of the elite counter-terrorism team Omega Force, former army ranger Jack “Kell” Kellison is always focused on getting the job done. So when a Houston high-rise is bombed and the governor killed or missing, Kell’s mission is clear: infiltrate the group suspected of the bombing and neutralize the threat by any means necessary. But once Kell meets beautiful chief suspect Mori Chastaine, he realizes there’s more to this case than meets the eye. And more to Mori than any man—any human man—could imagine.

Mori Chastaine is running out of options. Suspected for a crime she didn’t commit, forced into a marriage she doesn’t want, she sees no escape—until Kell walks through her door. A lifetime hiding her true nature warns her Kell might not be who he seems. But he could be the only one able to help save more innocent humans from becoming pawns in an ancient paranormal power play. If Mori reveals her secret, will Kell join her fight? Or will she become his next target?

NOTE: To be released first as a Kindle Serial beginning March 19, 2013. Print and audio and full digital editions to be released on July 9, 2013


I will admit that the idea of reading books as serials holds little appeal for me.  I have so many books to read, and the thought of having to download each episode, and then find the time to squeeze it into my packed reading schedule, seems like a lot of work.  I’m also afraid that once I start one, I’ll get distracted and not finish it, and the very thought of that frustrates me.  I hate the idea of getting caught up in a story, liking the characters, and then not getting closure because they have gotten bumped to the bottom of my Kindle.  I was interested enough in Storm Force, though, to sign up for the blog tour with Bewitching Book Tours, and curious enough to see how the episodic thing would work.  While I’m still not convinced that the serial format will ever ring my bell, I did enjoy the first episode of this book quite a bit, and even uttered an impassioned “no! It can’t be the end!” when I hit the end of Episode 1.

After a high-rise bombing in Houston, all fingers point squarely at Mori Chastaine and her environmental group she heads.  Mori is blind-sided by the accusations, then terrified when she realizes that her family and the man they promised her to when she was a child are involved in the bombing.  If she doesn’t give into their demands and marry Michael, she fears more people will die.  When Jack “Kell” Kellison walks into her life, she thinks that he just might be her ticket to freedom.  What Mori doesn’t know is that Kell is part of a top secret special ops team, and that several members of his team are shape-shifters.  Their mission is to find out who is responsible for the bombing, and stop them before they strike again. 

The first episode is four chapters in length, and it kept me glued to my Kindle.  I was even a bad mom and forgot to feed the puppies!  They had their dinner 40 minutes late (with some pasta added in a bid for forgiveness), and I continued reading while they munched down their kibble.  There’s just enough setup to get the reader familiar with the characters, and then bam!  the intrigue blasts off at full force.  I didn’t feel that I got a good handle on Kell’s personality, but something about Mori resonated with me, and I instantly liked her and wanted to know more about her.  Her family is cold and uncaring, more concerned that she fulfill her duty than achieve any kind of happiness in life.  Her mother had me cringing. I couldn’t imagine having such an unfeeling woman for a caretaker. Ugh!

One thing that’s important with serials is that there’s enough interest and momentum to make the reader excited to get that next installment.  This first episode did exactly that; I was caught up in Mori’s struggle to prove her innocence and find a way to stop Michael from killing a bunch of innocent people again.  Some guys just can’t accept the word no, I guess, and that had me wondering why?  So, I’d say that this installment definitely had me engaged in the story, and ensured that I would be back for the next one.  The initial price point of $1.99 is an added incentive to give the book a try.(The entire book is now available for $3.99)

Grade:  B/ B+

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    Thanks for having me here today! STORM FORCE is now available as a complete novel for Kindle download, by the way, at $3.99. The print version is a preorder, and will be released on June 18. Thanks again!

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