Cover Shot! Elisha Barber by E C Ambrose

Cover Shot! is a regular feature here at the Café. I love discovering new covers, and when I find them, I like to share. More than anything else, I am consumed with the mystery that each new discovery represents. There is an allure to a beautiful cover. Will the story contained under the pages live up to promise of the gorgeous cover art?

Elisha Barber looks interesting.  Elisha is a barber-surgeon.  Is hacking off limbs like hacking off hair?  The first book in E C Ambrose’s Dark Apostle series hits store shelves July 2013.



England in the fourteenth century: a land of poverty and opulence, prayer and plague, witchcraft and necromancy. Where the medieval barber-surgeon Elisha seeks redemption as a medic on the front lines of an unjust war, and is drawn into the perilous world of sorcery by a beautiful young witch. In the crucible of combat, utterly at the mercy of his capricious superiors, Elisha must attempt to unravel conspiracies both magical and mundane, as well as come to terms with his own disturbing new abilities. But the only things more dangerous than the questions he’s asking are the answers he may reveal..

2 thoughts on “Cover Shot! Elisha Barber by E C Ambrose

  • March 26, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    I was just scrolling along my reader, but I had to stop and really look at this. That cover is AMAZING! I don’t tend to read books with that sort of cover, but it caught my eye for sure. Good job, DAW!

  • April 9, 2013 at 6:05 am

    Thanks for noticing!

    The cover design process is always a bit of a nail-biter for the author. Will it appeal to the right readers? Will it look anything like the character? Will it portray the mood of the book? In this case, I think Cliff Nielsen and the design folks at DAW got it spot-on. If you want to know more about those tools he’s contemplating, I have a scroll-over on the website where you can learn about them. Check under “extras”

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