Dayton Horse Show – Day One


Wow, this was a pretty crazy start to the horse show.  During the warm ups for the first evening class, a lady got dumped off her horse right in front of us.  Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt, and after she frantically searched around in the dirt for her glasses, she was able to get back up on her horse.  That takes a lot of guts.

There are three judges at this show, and that really slows everything down.  It takes so long for the cards to be turned in!  The long delay between the line up and the announcing of the winners was also boring. With nothing to do in the hot sun but cook, it was not a lot of fun.

During another class, a woman’s horse reared up and fell over on top of her.  That was really scary!  The horse scrambled up and started running around the arena, and the woman just lay there in a crumbled heap.  She was able to get up and walk out of the ring after about 15 minutes; I hope I never see that happen again! 

Halfway through the show, they lost power on one side of the ring.  This was bad, as it included the announcer’s booth!  The steward had to yell directions to the riders, and it was hard to hear what he was calling.  Thankfully, after a delay, and one roadster pony class, they had the power restored. 

Kim’s class was an utter disaster.  Sammy took off on her from the minute they entered the ring, and she was never able to get control of him. She lost control of herself, too, and Sammy just fed off of that.  He took advantage of her and acted like a total ass, jumping and hopping around the ring, and racing off down the rails.  Kim, in tears, was called to the center of the ring and after the steward spoke with her, she was excused from the class.  I feel so bad for her!