Quick update from Dayton

This morning, we headed over to the Boon Shoft Museum of Discovery.  We decided to check it out because it was supposed to have lots of animals.  Imagine our dismay to discover that most of them were STUFFED!!!  They did have some otters, a coyote, 2 foxes, a squirrel, a skunk, and various other local critters that had been rescued and couldn’t be released into the wild.  Seeing them in such small enclosures was rather depressing. *sigh*

After the museum, we managed to locate the Dayton Mall.  I raced off in search of the arcade, Pocket Change, and played 3 games of DDR.  It was too hot to play anymore, and I still haven’t changed my clothes!  I hope nobody will be able to smell the sweat over the perfume that Kim squirted on me and the overpowering stench of horses. 

We had dinner at Don Pablo’s (shrimp again!), and right now we are chilling in our suite.  We’ll head off to the horse show in about thirty minutes.  I hope there is some shade to stand under, otherwise it’s going to be a really uncomfortable evening!

We had room trouble again when we returned to the hotel.  The stupid keys wouldn’t work again!!  We had to go back to the front desk and have them fix them again.  The desk clerk said that they only activated the keys for one night.  Hopefully she fixed it so we don’t have another problem.  If you haven’t figured it out, I will never stay at another Best Western again!!