Here we are in Dayton…



After meeting Jen and Kim for lunch at Bi Bim Bab, Jen headed back to work, and Kim and I headed over to the barn to see Blondie.  With the heat, the horses were all standing exhaustedly in their stalls.  Blondie couldn’t even muster the energy to try to bite me.  The horse show is going to be pretty boring if it stays this hot; the horses are just too uncomfortable to perform.

We went back to the house, cuddled with Buu for a while, and packed up to leave.  The 4.5 hour drive was, thankfully, uneventful.  We arrived in Dayton right around 5, and headed for the Best Western to check in.

This is where things started getting dicey.  The hotel is pretty dumpy, and it doesn’t seem to be in a very nice area.  There also don’t seem to be many people staying here, so it seems even creepier, because there’s hardly anyone around.

After getting our keys, we drove around to door J, and struggled to unlock it with the code they gave us.  We finally got it unlocked, but not before I was getting so frustrated that I wanted to look for a new hotel!  Then things really started going downhill. 

The room keys didn’t work.  We had to lug all of our junk through the hotel to the lobby to get new keys.  Then we had to lug it all back, only to discover a filthy, unkempt room.  I called the front desk, and they said, "Oh, wait, you should have been given room 106 instead of room 109."  No wonder the first set of keys didn’t work!!

They brought another set of keys, and waited while we examined the new room.  It was much better.  Until I tried to log onto the internet.  I called back to the front desk, and told them the internet wasn’t working.  They asked if I requested an internet room when I booked the reservation.  I totally snapped at that point, and said that when I called to see if they had internet connections in the rooms, they should have explained the room differences to me then.  She said I would use the wireless in the lobby, and I said that wasn’t going to be good enough.  We would have to cancel our reservation and stay elsewhere.  By this point, I didn’t even want to stay here anymore!  She said the manager would call me back.

And he did.  I told him that my first impression of his hotel was less than impressive, due to the wrong keys, rooms, internet situation, he upgraded our room to a suite!!  So here Kimmy and I sit, in this huge room, with a fridge, microwave, 2 bathrooms, 2 tvs and a sitting room with a sofa.  The only thing that makes no sense is WHY is the cable for the modem on the nightstand, and not on the desk??  I hate not being able to use the mouse, and having to type with the computer on my lap.  Oh, well….

2 thoughts on “Here we are in Dayton…

  • August 1, 2006 at 10:34 pm

    Didn’t you forget something?  Since you got in at 5, didn’t you and Kim have to put straw in all the horse stalls?  ^_^  If not, Kim’s getting of way too easy!

  • August 2, 2006 at 6:21 am

    Because of the heat, they didn’t leave with the horses until late.  We beat them in, and they are only bringing 4 horses.  They didn’t need our help 🙂

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