Booking Through Thursday–Reviews

This week’s question asks:

Do you read book reviews? Whose do you trust? Do they affect your reading habits? Your buying habits?

This is a great questions, because even though I write a ton of reviews, I am very careful about when I actually read other reviews.  Here’s the deal – I hate spoilers.  Can’t abide them.  I will avoid Twitter the day of a hotly anticipated book or movie release.  I will cover my ears when my co-workers talk about a TV show or even a video game I haven’t played yet – all to avoid spoilers!

Now, after I have read a book, all reviews are fair game, and I enjoy getting different perspectives on books that I’ve read.  I will also read reviews if I am undecided about whether to invest in a title from a new to me author.  If the library doesn’t have it, and they usually don’t when they first come out, I will surf around to a few sites and see what the scuttlebutt is on books I think I might be interested in.

The first place I look is Goodreads.  There are usually many more honest reviews there than at Amazon, so it’s a safe bet to stop there first. Then, depending on genre, I branch out my search from there.  I started reading romances again, so Smart Bitches and Dear Author are daily visits.  I have been convinced several times to purchase a book that I wasn’t even interested in reading after browsing through their reviews.  Both sites are run by intelligent ladies dedicated to searching for great books, and best yet, the comments are just as enlightening as the reviews.

I also subscribe to a lot of blogs, so my wishlist is always growing when I learn about new titles that seem intriguing.  So the short answer is Yes, reading reviews does entice me to purchase books.  They sometimes convince me that a book I am interested in is not for me, though that doesn’t happen as often.  Even if a book is panned on several sites, I am still willing to give it a read, because my reading tastes are so varied.

What about you? Do reviews hook you? Where do you go to read a review you trust?

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