Aliens and Vampires, Oh, My! A Peek Inside A Practical Guide to Vampires and A Field Guide to Aliens


Title: A Practical Guide to Vampires

Author:  Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer

Publisher: Mirrorstone

ISBN:  9780786952434

Title:  A Field Guide to Aliens: Intergalactic Worrywarts, Bubblonauts, Sliver-Slurpers, and Other Extraterrestrials

Author:  Johan Olander (Author, Illustrator)

Publisher:  Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books

ISBN: 9780761455943

I love these guide books, and derive enjoyment just flipping aimlessly through the pages.  I keep them on the coffee table, so that when I’m cooking dinner or waiting for something, I can just sit down for a few minutes and read a section or two while I wait.  What I find amusing is that Dean has found himself glancing through them, too, and he will even point out some interesting vampire or alien factoids.  Usually with a laugh, but I find it interesting that he will take the time to leaf through the books at all!

Both A Practical Guide to Vampires and A Field Guide to Aliens are attractive hard covers, with a wealth of information about their respective subjects. Though both are slender volumes, they cover the topics at hand with a surprising amount of depth.  Want to know where a vampire lives, how it travels, or how it fights? Look no further.  A Practical Guide to Vampires is full of vampire insight, with the material presented in an engaging manner that will compel readers keep turning the lavishly illustrated pages.  These Mirrorstone guides are packaged so attractively that it is hard to resist them.

A Field Guide to Aliens drills down and presents its subject just as thoroughly.  The material is presented more whimsically, with language and illustrations to match. Full of warnings and tips just in case you happen to have a run in with an alien, this is another entertaining and visually appealing introduction to the mysterious beings lurking among us.  I enjoyed the textures of the book, too; the author has combed the world for first hand accounts and sketches from eye-witnesses, and it gives the reading experience an added dimension.

With their popular subject matter and brightly illustrated pages, both of these books provide a fun outlet for a little downtime.

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