Nabari no Ou Vol 2 by Yuhki Kamatani Manga Review


Title: Nabari no Ou Vol 2

Author: Yuhki Kamatani

Publisher:  Yen Press

ISBN: 978079530362

May Contain Spoilers

From the back of the book:

As the besieged Fuuma village recovers from the Grey Wolves’ attack, its leader suggests Miharu and company adopt the objective of those who laid waste to his village: stealing the forbidden arts of other ninja clans. Shocked, the ninja of Banten are left to wonder just how far will not only Miharu’s enemies, but also his allies, go to possess the Shinra Banshou…and at what cost?

Miharu is learning the danger of his indifference.  Everyone wants the Shinra Banshou, and they will do anything to get it.  They will lie, they  will steal, and they will kill to possess the wisdom to become more than human.  The secret art taunts and teases with its incredible power, which gives its master control over all things.  They don’t even care that its immense strength destroys most who possess it.  Ironically, the one person who has it will do anything to get rid of it. 

Miharu is also learning that he must choose his friends very, very carefully.  Everybody seems to want something from him, and the secret art that he doesn’t want.  They believe that the Shinra Banshou will give them the happiness that they lack, or the ability to take charge of their out of control lives.  There are even those who wish to use its power to cease to exist.  And as everyone seeks to force Miharu to wield the art he doesn’t want and is helpless to understand, he feels as though his control over it is slipping further away.  Elusive and dangerous, it is putting the lives of everyone around him in peril, and that is a burden that he doesn’t want, either.  If he keeps himself distant and indifferent to the people around him, is he insolating himself against the guilt and heartache if they become victims in the quest to possess a power that clearly is not meant to be used by anyone?

While the pacing can be uneven at times, I am enjoying this series.  Everyone, it seems, wants something, except for maybe Miharu himself.  He just wants to be left alone, detached and unaffected by messy things like feelings and friendships.  Life may be easier when you don’t have to be concerned with anyone but yourself, but where is the satisfaction in that?  I wonder what Miharu is willing to do to rid himself of the secret art, and how long he will be allowed to hold himself apart from others.  Will he learn the value of caring about something, anything, only to have it torn cruelly away?  Or will he gain strength from his friends and finally conquer the Shinra Banshou, so he can become the Nabari no Ou?

Grade: B

Review copy provided by Yen Press

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