All I Want for Christmas – Or the Manga Gift Guide – For the Girls Edition

Continuing with the Manga Gift Guide, here are some of the best titles marketed to girls.  Some of these titles have cross-over appeal, but the intended audience is the female demographic.  

NANA – Ai Yazawa – Rock & Roll just lends itself to drama, and NANA is a masterful soap opera.

Skip Beat! -  Yoshiki Nakamura– Who knew striving for revenge could be so funny or so engaging?

Love*Com – Aya Nakahara – When the tallest girl in class falls for the shortest guy in class, the road to romance gets bumpy.  Laughs abound in this fun high school romance.

After School Nightmare – Setona Mizushiro – This is another unique and bizarre series that has to be sampled to be understood.  Suspenseful, weird, complex, this really is a one of a kind read.

Kimi ni Todoke – Karuho Shiina -When an extremely shy girl tries to come out of her shell, the cutest boy in class encourages her to open up and make friends.  Sweet and touching, these sympathetic characters keep you cheering them on.

Minima! – Machiko Sakurai – This title didn’t start out as very much, but by the final volume, there is a strong emotional attachment to the characters.  How can you resist a talking stuffed animal?

High School Debut – Kazune Kawahara – Clueless tomboy hangs up her softball uniform in order to catch a boyfriend.  Her handsome love coach thinks she hopeless.  Great comedy keeps this series from getting stale.

Beauty Pop – Kiyoko Arai – Beauticians give a whole new meaning to hair styling battles.  Who would have thought a book about cutting hair and applying makeup would be this much fun?

Pig Bride – KookHwa Huh & SuJin Kim – Selfish boy gets saddled with a mask-wearing fiancée. Beautiful art and a quirky plot leads to an entertaining read.

Sand Chronicles – Hinako Ashihara – Deeply moving, highly emotional, this series follows Ann as she tries to recover from her mother’s suicide.  It takes my breath away every time I read it.

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