Love*Com Vol 15 by Aya Nakahara Manga Review


Title: Love*Com Vol 15

Author: Aya Nakahara

Publisher:  Viz

ISBN: 9781421523736

May Contain Spoilers

Love*Com is, unfortunately, showing that too much of a good thing is, well, too much.  Risa and Otani don’t really have any more major obstacles to overcome, they have both finally fessed up about how they feel for each other, and they are quickly approaching graduation.  Otani’s future seems bright, though Risa’s, not so much.  Otani has taken some steps to maturity, planning his path after high school and vigorously working towards his goal.  Risa is still spinning her wheels, but I think that she will always be someone who needs a kick in the pants in order to get things done.  They have both overcome many roadblocks, and they are both ready for their last hurrah. 

This volume’s first chapter was very cute, as Seiko’s plans for a love confession are scrapped because of her deepening voice.  Fearing her girly aura has left forever, she is resigned to slipping back into the shoes of Sheishiro and giving up all things adorable forever.  There are some very funny character interactions sprinkled throughout the chapter, and it nailed down the goofy, comedic atmosphere of the series.

The remaining chapters were just kind of there.  They weren’t bad, but they didn’t sparkle with humor.  When Mighty and Jody decide to get married in a tropical paradise, Otani, Risa, and the rest of the gang accompany them.  When they arrive at their hotel, Risa learns that she and Otani will be sharing a room.  Oh, the horror!  She’s much too embarrassed for these arrangements, and soon she and Otani’s relationship is threatened because she keeps avoiding him.

I was disappointed by this turn of events, because both Risa and Otani have been dating long enough to discuss their feelings about a physical relationship in a more mature manner.  They’re seniors in high school and they are supposed to love each other, so the thought of having sex shouldn’t be such a big surprise to them.  This conflict just doesn’t come across as believable, and it’s hard to accept that both Risa and Otani are that naive.  It’s a non-issue and felt like filler to keep the series trundling along. 

The final chapter was more fluff, as Otani steps in to save what’s left of the basketball team.  I thought it worked better than the previous content, but it didn’t cover any new ground.  These guys really need to graduate, and the series needs to draw to a close.  What was fresh and engaging is now getting a little old and stale.  While I still have a soft spot for the title, the lack of compelling content is making it seem that it is getting past its prime.

Grade: B-

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  • August 10, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    i agree but… risa and otani wouldnt of wanted to have sex too early because i think we all agree from risas prospective that he is truly indeed a complete idiot and having sex with no protection.. well you do the math… thanks for da review though

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