Liberty Liberty! by Hinako Takanaga Manga Review


Title: Liberty Liberty!

Author: Hinako Takanaga

Publisher: BLU

ISBN: 9781427816665

May Contain Spoilers

After fleeing Tokyo in an attempt to run away from his problems, Itaru only creates more for himself.  Passing out on a pile of trash after a night of too much alcohol, he winds up in Kouki’s apartment.  Kouki is a cameraman for a small cable television station, and Itaru ruined his stakeout.  He also destroys the station’s video camera.  Now Itaru is on the hook for the damaged equipment, he doesn’t have anywhere to live, and he’s falling in love with Kouki!  Life is getting more complicated by the day!

Liberty Liberty! takes a while to get rolling, and it never does set anything but a leisurely pace.  It’s dawdling pace didn’t keep my full attention, which is sad because I enjoyed the art.  Kouki and his ponytail are cute!  The story just never really takes off, relying on restrained personalities to carry its forward momentum.  While very likeable, the characters just aren’t compelling enough to bear the weight of the plot.  The beginning was ho-hum and didn’t feel fresh or imaginative.  The romance elements are also lacking here.  There wasn’t enough tension between Itaru and Kouki, leaving a lukewarm courtship.  The daily activities the characters are engaged are mundane at best, failing to grab my interest.

I did like the characters very much, and wished that they could have been involved in more exciting pursuits.  I didn’t feel that the resolution to Itaru’s personal issues were fully concluded, and the introduction of Kouki’s vision problem just didn’t make much sense.  If he could see well enough to become a cameraman for the cable station, it didn’t make sense that he would have to refuse to take a job offer in Tokyo.  As a personal obstacle to overcome, it didn’t seem convincing and didn’t have that much of an impact on the overall story.

Liberty Liberty! suffers from a case of dullness.  This is worth a rent from the library, but there are much better BL books out there.  If you are a huge Hinako Takanaga fan, at least the art won’t disappoint, even if the story fails to shine.

Grade: C+

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