Hello Kitty Strawberry Marshmallow Snack Review

I feel that it is part of my civic duty to warn you to stay away from these disgustingly sweet snacks, that appear so innocently packaged with an adorable Hello Kitty illustration.  She’s carrying a basket of strawberries, and for some unknown reason, she is also sporting a set of wings.  Probably because she died from toxic sugar overload after eating the little blobs lurking inside the package with her likeness.

Now, before you think that I have some kind of Hello Kitty bias, I will freely admit that I harbor a secret soft spot for the cute little feline.  Even her friends are cute, and I have many useless items bearing their illustrations.  I only purchased this bag of marshmallow glop because Hello Kitty was on the bag. How could I leave the precious cat abandoned on the store shelf?

The marshmallows have a typical pliant texture, and the marshmallow itself isn’t unpalatable.  What makes these snacks so sickening is the clump of strawberry jelly that’s hidden on the inside.  The jelly has a gummy consistency, and it feels very unpleasant when you bite down on it.  Worse, the aftertaste is awful, leaving behind a filmy coating on the teeth that demands a visit to the bathroom to brush the offensive scum away.

If you see these snacks in your local store, do yourself a favor.  Don’t get sucked into a Hello Kitty trance and blindly reach out to pick up the bag.  Turn away before the cute factor kicks in, because soon after purchasing these gross balls of goo, you will be looking for the nearest trash can.