Guest Review – Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel – Xbox 360 version

Published by cdv Software Entertainment

Developed by Ascaron Entertainment

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a RPG similar in style to Blizzard’s Diablo and also shares similar game play to Squares Infinite Undiscovery. Sacred 2 was released on the PC late 08 and is now available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles.

Sacred 2 brings nothing new to the RPG genre and follows the usual quest, fight, loot…wash, rinse and repeat style of game play. The story isn’t terribly compelling but not bad by any means, just somewhat mild.


The issue that I found both irksome and frustrating is when finishing a quest, especially with the main story quests, I could not find the character who gave me the quest in order to report back that the quest was completed. The characters move around on a schedule during their day and on the Xbox 360 it’s difficult to just ‘see’ a character hanging out and go to them…I’ll elaborate more on that in a moment when I discuss game play.

There is also an absolute overload of side quests…to the point where I wasn’t even reading what the quest was when accepting them. I just found it easier to read up on them in my quest log when ready to play along. Not that it’s bad since it adds to length of game, but there is so much at once that it’s distracting from the main quest.


The actual gaming system of play is tolerable and I do not feel that it translated very well from the PC to the X360. And the actual control and use screen real estate and camera angle are actually bad and difficult to use. There is a guide map in the upper left corner of the screen and on my 50”, 1080P TV that’s 8’ away…it’s unusable. It needed to be blown up to be more visible.

Also, as I mentioned a couple paragraphs back, it’s difficult to find people because of how the camera angles are set up. Up close it’s great for fighting, but it’s not good for walking around looking for people. From the other camera heights it’s too high to have the detail to find who you are looking.


I honestly feel that the game play issues are problems stemming from it being translated from PC to Xbox. Were I playing the game on a 20” monitor that’s right in front of me, it’s unlikely I would have the same complaints. It seems that the programmers forgot that you don’t play a console game the same as a PC game. Infinite Undiscovery shares the same style of game play/control and is ‘Infinitely’ more playable…pardon the pun.

The graphics are tastefully done and well detailed but nothing ground breaking. Sound effects are quite immersive on my surround system. Voice acting is fair at best. Some of the one-liners are good for a chuckle but more often are a bit corny and occasionally juvenile.

I was excited to give Sacred 2 a try. It had a lot of opportunity to be very good game, but game play issues and the somewhat bland story was a huge disappointment. I imagine that Sacred 2 is a much better game on the PC than the Xbox 360. I found it to be a very frustrating gaming experience on the 360 and wouldn’t invest my limited gaming dollars on this one on the 360.

Game played on: Panasonic TH-50PZ850U, Onkyo TX-SR606 Receiver

Concept: B

Game Play: D

Graphics: B

Sound: B+

Overall: C-

Reviewed by Stephen

Review copy provided by publisher

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  • June 11, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    there were a couple of other problems i found.  the lich quest called underground will not work at all.  the screen only goes black. and ive tried 2 games and 2 machines. also the targeting system is screwed up.for some reason ,sometimes my character wants to target the furthest enemy from me. mostly the one that is around 6-7 inches away on screen. also my character is so strong that once in a while , characters that normally surrender after they attack you, die and the quest wont complete because the game doesnt register the death.   i still think diablo ( number 1 )  is a much better game even though sacred 2 looks better. my opinion is this game should be rated a 7.0 – 7.5 max out of a 10.0  .this game was played on the x box 360    

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