Nora: The Last Chronicle of Devildom Vol 4 by Kazunari Kakei Manga Review

Title: Nora: The Last Chronicle of Devildom Vol 4

Author: Kazunari Kakei

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 9781421518985

May Contain Spoilers

Nora is still set on tracking down the fragments of the Dark Liege’s soul so he can end the contract with Kazuma.  Kazuma wants to put an end to the Resistance because they don’t seem to mind whether or not humans get caught in the way of their fun.  Though the two of them are working towards a similar goal, their teamwork still needs a lot of work, but more importantly, they need to hone their powers.  Is the Resistance going to allow them to become bigger threats than they already are?

I was a little disappointed with this volume of Nora.  The bickering between Nora and Kazuma is put on hold, as Nora finally gets busy and tries to learn more about himself and how to control his powers.  He wants those Soul Stones so he can break the contract and show everyone that he’s not just some dog.  Kazuma, on the other hand, is also interested in training himself, and so he and his enormous wellspring of power kind of leave Nora high and dry.  Not even so much as a “see you later, dude.”  At least he was kind enough to leave the demon a weapon to fight off the Resistance members attacking him.

I hate to admit it, but I feel really bad for Nora.  He gets absolutely no respect.  Not from anyone.  Ever!  This guy could potentially destroy both the demon and the human worlds, and everybody goes out of their way to piss him off!  What kind of logic is that?  Don’t rile up the monster who is prophesied to destroy everything.  Instead of trying to keep him calm and prevent his hair trigger temper from flaring out of control, they antagonize the poor guy. Especially the generals in the Dark Liege army.  Here, dog, let me smack your nose with a newspaper.  They have picked on Nora his entire life!  Now that he’s loose in the human world, they want to lock him back up again in the demon world. 

Nora won’t bow down to his would be jailers, and he is now fired up.  He’s going to make up for all of those years of not paying attention to anyone or anything and he’s going to learn how to control his powers.  I love his determination, but maybe it would have been more beneficial to just knuckle down in class, when there weren’t all of those demons trying to kill him.  Now everyone is trying to push him over the edge, and they are even starting to piss off Kazuma.  Not because he feels the slightest shred of pity for his servant, but because they are underestimating him, too.  Kazuma and his ego don’t like that, not at all, and he’s going to do something about it.   He’s going to prove that he has what it takes to control Nora and defeat the Resistance.   Hmmm, if they are both in training, they won’t have time to insult each other – hey! I hope they hurry up and get stronger, so they can get back to bickering amongst themselves again.

Grade: B-

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