Video Games – Updated Screen Shots From Sacred 2 & Crimson Gem Saga

Due on May 12, Sacred 2 looks like a blast, and it’ll be available for the PC, X360, and PS3. 

Hey! Is that skeleton floating? And why do I look like Link??

Why are there so many freaking rooms in these dungeons??  Where’s the beer?

Spider senses – tingling!

This is one flower I don’t want!


Crimson Gem Saga – I am totally geeked about this RPG for the PSP, which should be dropping in May.  Look at those cute little sprites! 

Shopping again! I thought this was a recession.


Blobs!!! Why do there always have to be blobs??

Hehe – I’m touching it as soon as no one is looking!

Hugh’s never going to live this one down – taken out by a bird!

Atlus’ dedicated website for Crimson Gem Saga is located here

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