Naughty but Nice by Naduki Koujima Manga Review

Title: Naughty but Nice

Author:  Naduki Koujima

Publisher: Deux

ISBN:  9781934496589

May Contain Spoilers

Kakeru used to think that his homeroom teacher, Mr Wakasa, was the nicest guy around.  He never got mad, was always kind, and everyone liked him.  One night on his way home, he comes across some drunks giving a guy a hard time.  When he realizes that the guy is  Wakasa, he jumps to his rescue – only to trip over a soda can and knock him unconscious!  Feeling responsible for Wakasa’s injuries, Kakeru is dismayed to learn that Wakasa isn’t exactly what he seems.  In fact, he’s really very naughty, and not so nice!

Kakeru just can’t seem to catch a break.  He and his male classmates are jealous that all of the girls have eyes only for Wakasa, and then he has a run in with his teacher and gets caught up in a fight with a bunch of drunks.  Wakasa is not so nice, and Kakeru is at first unsure if it’s even him.  After all, his teacher couldn’t hurt a fly!  This guy is surly and antagonistic, and there’s just no way it can be the same person.  When he injures the man, Kakeru has no choice to drag him home, panic stricken.

What Kakeru opens himself up for is Wakasa’s constant teasing and his demands that Kakeru take responsibility for his actions.  Not only was Wakasa knocked silly, but he’s also lost his memory!  I wasn’t overly charmed by Wakasa, and I wondered why Kakeru was.  Even with the revelation of Wakasa’s tragic background, I just couldn’t connect with the characters.  Kakeru was cute in a jumpy, spastic way, but Wakasa took too much pleasure making him feel uncomfortable and off-balance.  Just as the story was starting to get interesting, it ended, to be continued in Spicy but Sweet.   Naughty but Nice didn’t have a lot to set it apart from other BL titles, and the characters just didn’t grab my attention.

“Bouquet of Love” is also included, and I enjoyed the bonus chapters better than the main story.  One day, while Kazuki is working in his mother’s flower shop, a well-dressed man is having an allergy attack outside of the shop.  Kazuki gives the guy a hand, and then goes about his business.  He’s surprised to run into him again later, and the two slowly develop an easy friendship.  Kazuki begins to realize that he has feelings for Eto, and starts to feel a pang of jealousy when he wonders why Eto is suddenly purchasing so many flowers from his mother’s shop.  This was an understated romance with two very likeable characters.  I could even sympathize with Eto’s severe allergies.

Naughty but Nice is a rather humdrum title with some fun moments, but it doesn’t have that much to offer other than some pleasant illustrations and an enjoyable bonus story.

Grade:  C+

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