Video Games – Dark Spire

Oh, my,  another Atlus video game that looks interesting.  Dark Spire looks like an old school dungeon crawler.  I wonder what kind of reception this game is going to get?  It doesn’t have any fancy graphics to offer, but you do get a free CD soundtrack with every copy.  The game is for the DS, and it ships on April 14th.  While I remember with a certain amount of fondness playing old (old, old) school RPGs, I am on the fence on this one.  What do you think?  Are you going to pick up a copy?

Atlus always offers great packaging for their titles!

Dark, creepy corridors in very monochromatic tones

Lookie!  Ominous red shading!


Whoa! A doorway that beckons to be opened.  What’s on the other side??

Yikes!  A scary magic-using foe!