D. Gray-Man Vol 8 by Katsura Hoshino Manga Review

Title:  D. Gray-Man Vol 8

Author:  Katsura Hoshino

Publisher:  VIZ

ISBN:  9781421515434

May Contain Spoilers

This volume was all about Lenalee, and poor Allen was left only a trifling amount of panels in which to appear.  That’s ok, he needed a break from the lime light, as he struggles to recover his Innocence.  Lenalee, on the other hand, took a massive beating, and managed to keep on swinging.  As her battle with the akuma continued, she even managed to receive a totally new make-over, including a spunky new hairstyle.

Most of this volume was consumed with the battle with level 3 akuma.  Fearfully powerful, it appears that Lenalee will be swatted like a pesky fly.  She delves into a hidden strength, willing to sacrifice herself to protect her friends.  There was nothing new or groundbreaking here, but her fight to defend the things that matter most to her was moving none the less.  It was sappy, but I enjoyed it anyway.

The ending was especially emotional, as Miranda’s energy is slowly drained, and her Time Recovery is about to be deactivated.  Without it, their mortally wounded comrades are doomed, and it’s a sobering moment when their numbers are counted.  To have fought so hard, for so long, only to watch your friends slip away, unable to help them – what a bitter realization for the survivors.  Yup, more sappy stuff, highlighted by intricately rendered illustrations.  The art just keeps getting better, and darn it all, I’ve been caught hook, line, and sinker by another series!  Curse you, Viz! 

Grade:  B

Rated for Older Teen