Sugar Sugar Rune Vol 7 by Moyoco Anno Manga Review

Title:  Sugar Sugar Rune Vol 7

Author: Moyoco Anno

Publisher:  Del Rey

ISBN:  9780345492524

May Contain Spoilers

Duke, transformed back to his human form, turns out to be none other than Chocolat’s uncle, Poivre!  When Chocolat presses him for information about her mother, he reveals a shocking secret about her own past.  Will it cause just a hiccup in her romance with Pierre, or will it spell the end of their relationship?  Then, the evil Alchimie is a new teacher at her school!  What’s her dastardly foe up to?

I read the first volume of this manga when it first came out, and wasn’t overly impressed with Moyoco Anno’s frantic style of storytelling. Her art is so cluttered and hard to follow, and I hate the way she draws eyes.  They’re so impossibly large, it seems like such a burden to carry around in your head.

While I still don’t care for the art, I was quickly drawn into the story as Chocolat’s battle against evil unfolded.  First, she has the shocking revelation that she, not Vanilla, is GlacĂ©’s daughter.  Egads!!  Does that make her and Pierre siblings?!  Gaark!  It’s been done countless times before, but this twist on a romance is usually interesting for how the characters deal with it.  In this instance, Chocolat decides to try to ignore it, and not share her new knowledge with Pierre.  Like that’s going to make things any better.

With Alchimie orchestrating some evil doings at school, Woo and Pierre are caught up in a battle over Chocolat.  With them distractedly beating away at each other, wasting their magical energy, a wolf that grows larger by feeding on other people’s fear is attacking Chocolat and Soul, and it doesn’t look like they have a chance against it!  Pierre arrives just in the nick of time, but loses his heart when Chocolat collects it, saving it from Alchimie.  With Pierre in a comatose state, Chocolat and Vanilla are forced to journey to the Underworld.  It seems that only GlacĂ© has the power to restore Pierre’s heart and save his life. 

I was lost a few times by not having read previous volumes, but overall found this to be an entertaining read.  There was plenty of magical action, with the promise of more to come as the girls travel through the Underworld.  Queen Candy has some major trouble brewing, as some of her senators have sided with the Ogres.  The hint of political wrangling to come was intriguing, as Candy’s not quite sure who she can trust.  I’m curious to see how all of this is tied together with what’s happening in the Underworld, and how Chocolat and Vanilla are going to help solve the entire mess. 

Grade:  B-

Rated for 10+

Review copy provided by Del Rey

6 thoughts on “Sugar Sugar Rune Vol 7 by Moyoco Anno Manga Review

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  • December 19, 2007 at 12:58 am

    x de ke cite sugar sugar rune ni smpi habis?????

  • October 7, 2008 at 2:21 am

    i really like your manga and i really hope that you will make another SUGAR SUGAR RUNE we really love your manga GOOD LUCK, GOD BLESS YOU

  • February 6, 2009 at 11:53 am

    I like Anno-san art… first of all i don’t really like it because it was to scary or weird, but still there are many mangakas who draw more terribly scary an mess… Anno-san’s art is great and perfect with Her briliant imagination ’bout the magic things… But it still a weird thing that she is a sibblings with pierre and love him..Her art is soooooo coool…..!!

  • May 26, 2009 at 4:40 am

    hahaha….i already read all the volume! my friends say that i look like chocolat for on reasons, i act like her too, even before i read the manga, i love anno sensei! i mean it!

  • June 4, 2009 at 3:53 am

    hmmm…sugar sugar rune 7 was amaizing… chocola-chan and vanilla-chan finally now duke and blanca real bodybut i love chocola-san…tought in volume 3 or 2 vanilla become ogle right?untill volume six she become nice people again ^_^  

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