Model 1 – 8 Remarks


Title: Model

Author: Lee So-Young

Publisher: TOKYOPOP

Remarks: Model is an 8 volume gothic romance series. It’s about Jae, a struggle artist, who meets Michael when her friend drags him, unconscious, to her apartment. Since she got him drunk, she didn’t want to leave him passed out in the bar, and asks if he can spend the night. Jae reluctantly agrees, and then spends most of the night wide awake, worried that he an ax murderer.

Turns out he’s better than an ax murderer. He’s a vampire! The two strike up a deal, and Jae finds herself staying in his mansion, commissioned to paint his portrait. During her stay there, she meets the other inhabitants of the manse, Eva, the dour housekeeper, and Ken, her belligerent son. She finds herself becoming entangled into their lives, as she begins to fall for Michael.

I didn’t care for the art over much in these books. Like Mayu Shinjo, So-Young draws hands that are weird and totally out of proportion. Everyone also had long, thin necks that never would have been able to hold the weight of a head. It was creepy.

The story started out simple enough, but soon became a somewhat muddled mess. The time line for some of the events confused me; the flashbacks and current events weren’t presently clearly enough. And I was totally confused as to whether or not Jae was aware that Eva’s goal was to turn Ken into a vampire. I thought she knew, but in volume 8, it was a big revelation. I think I probably wasn’t reading these carefully enough.

Grade: C