Moon Boy #2 by Lee YoungYou Manhwa Review


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Title:  Moon Boy #2

Author:  Lee YoungYou

Publisher:  Ice Kunion

ISBN:  8952746082

May Contain Spoilers

Myung-Ee, determined to rescue Yu-Da from the fox tribe, journeys with Ho-Rang to Junghyun mountain.  There’s a secret rabbit base in the mountain, but human rabbits are forbidden there.  Defying the rules, Ho-Rang presents Myung-Ee to Master Yang so he can teach her the art of fighting and make her a worthy warrior for the Soon-La army.  What?  She has to pull one of her teeth to create her Ho-Se sword?  Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all!

I thought this book lost the momentum of the last.  The first book was enjoyable because I found Lee YoungYou’s world to be really imaginative.  This volume didn’t seem to have as much creativity, and had a lot of stereo-typical characters.  There was the cross-dressing martial arts instructor, the smarmy trainee jealous of all the attention Myung-Ee was receiving, and the psycho classmate who revels in making her miserable.  My enthusiasm for the title had waned – until the last 5 pages. Now I’m interested enough to know what happens next to pick up the 3rd volume.

I liked the concept of the Ho-Se swords.  The rabbits use a tooth and the foxes use a nail to create their swords.  While the necessity for having a tooth embedded in their hands didn’t make much sense to me, conjuring a sword from a tooth is pretty nifty.   Myung-Ee’s sword is a pathetic stick at first, but she’s quickly assured that it will evolve as her powers over it grow.  She soon learns that having a sword means using it against the foxes, and that it’s harder than she thought to hurt somebody else.  Her inner conflict makes her feel ashamed and embarrassed, and I like that her character isn’t a total bad ass.  The foxes are evil and only view the rabbits as food, but Myung-Ee is still torn over hurting them, even in self-defense.

While this volume didn’t grab me like the first, I did get caught up in the story again during the last half of the book.  Let’s just say that there’s a little more to Yu-Da than is apparent at first glance….

Grade:  B-

Rated for Teen 13+

3 thoughts on “Moon Boy #2 by Lee YoungYou Manhwa Review

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  • January 10, 2009 at 12:50 am

    Personally, I think the whole series sucked.I feel sad for Yu-Da. He gets the crappy nerd abilities while the otheres get physical swords.Sad.

  • April 24, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Well i find it to be a brilliant manwha.The complex details of Yu-Da make the whole series seem really intresting. It gets better later on~

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