Lovely Sick #1 by Shoko Ohmine Manga Review

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Title:  Lovely Sick #1

Author:  Shoko Ohmine

Publisher:  DramaQueen

ISBN: 1933809000

May Contain Spoilers

Naoyuki, the victim of a crippling accident, is the ward of Dr Ryouichi Sumi.  During the five years that he’s been Naoyuki’s guardian, Sumi has made the boy completely dependent on him.  Sumi’s lover as well as his patient, Naoyuki struggles for freedom.  He doesn’t want to be a burden to Sumi, but the doctor is taking his duty as physician, and 24/7 care, seriously. 

I didn’t care for this one too much.  The narrative was a little confusing with the switches between Naoyuki and Sumi’s viewpoint.  There wasn’t a lot of chemistry between them, and they were both inaccessible to the reader. At first, Naoyuki was portrayed as a demanding, ungrateful brat, but his attitude abruptly, and without much explanation, changed midway through the book.  Ryouichi was a control freak, and he manipulated Naoyuki into relying solely on him.  It seemed like they spent way too much time arguing about whether or not Sumi had the time to pick Naoyuki up from school.  Sumi’s meddling friend Kuma didn’t really have much purpose in the book other than to complain about how needy Naoyuki was, and to chastise Sumi for letting the boy be so clingy

I did like the art.  The character designs were very attractive, and the author’s clean, uncluttered panels kept the pages turning.  Too bad the story bogged it down.  The book is nicely put together, with DramaQueen’s usual high production values. I wish all of the publishers’ books liked this good.

Grade:  C

Rated for 18+