Manga Review: Limit V 6 [Finale] Keiko Suenobu

May Contain Spoilers

Meh, I was disappointed with the ending of this series. After a strong, suspenseful start, I felt that the tension and pacing both fell apart at the end. The last two volumes were so rushed, I felt a little cheated.

The killer has been revealed, and the remaining survivors are threatened with death. Only the killer is going to escape, if they have anything to say about it. But then an awkward step has that person toppling over a ledge, until Konno quickly acts to grab them. But she isn’t strong enough to pull the killer back onto solid ground. Will the others help her save the person who threatened to kill them all?

The story wraps up so quickly that I have whiplash. While I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending or the sudden reversal of some of the characters’ personalities, Limit is a quick read, and the earlier volumes were very dark and suspenseful.  Konno stays optimistic and loyal to the group to the end, though she is consumed with guilt for doubting Haru and causing her to run off and fall off a cliff. After this ordeal, I hope all of the survivors receive the counseling they deserve!

The series had an interesting premise, but I don’t feel that it delivered to its potential in the end.

Grade: 3 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

Award-winning author Keiko Suenobu returns with another comic about the tragedies of school bullying and high school clique culture. A modern mix of ‘Heathers’ and ‘Lord of the Flies’, ‘The Limit’ is a survival story where looks and popularity may be the downfall for one average teen. When a traffic accident almost wipes out an entire high school class on a fieldtrip, the five remaining survivors must settle their social differences to survive in the Japanese wilderness.