Manga Review: Limit V 5 by Keiko Suenobu

May Contain Spoilers

Kamiya and Konno are determined to flush out Usui’s killer. They trade theories and suspicions, and decide to directly ask one of their number. Their story just doesn’t add up, and that person has information about Usui that was not possible – unless they saw her and killed her. They agree to tread carefully. Someone has already killed once, and that act led to Ichinose’s death.

Konno is simply unable to view people in a bad light. She knows that one of them is a killer, but she can’t accept it. Her past history with her classmates makes her reject her suspicions again and again. Even when there is concrete proof right in front of her, she dismisses it as a coincidence. Her inability to suspect puts her in grave peril, though it does force a confession from the murderer.

I thought the pacing was way off in this installment. The previous volumes did a great job building incredible tension and a sense of fear. Who will die next? Who is killing off the surviving students of the tragic bus crash? This threw it all away by revealing the murderer in a dump of chaotic pages that made no sense. I’m the killer! And I’m going to KILL ALL OF YOU AND BURN YOU UP!! So I can go home alone!  The motivation and big reveal were so disappointing. There’s only one volume to go, so I’m curious about how Suenobu will wrap this series up.

Grade: 3.5 stars

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About the book:

As a search-and-rescue party is now deep into the hunt for survivors, another young life has fallen seemingly from the hands of another. Tensions are high, but Mizuki feels she may have found brief solace in old acquaintance Haruaki. But her trust may soon be betrayed once again, when he reveals who may be behind murders since the bus crash, potentially driving the pair further into darkness.