Manga Review: Limit V 4 by Keiko Suenobu

May Contain Spoilers

There is a murderer among the surviving students, and nobody can figure out who it is! Just when you thought these kids couldn’t go through anything worse than the horrific bus crash that killed their classmates, now they have to deal with the uncertainty of knowing that Usui was killed by one of their number. Tensions boil over as they try to solve the mystery. Who can be trusted?

Wow. I think for sure that Morishige is the one who murdered Usui, because she is so freaking unpleasant, but did she? Could Ichinose have done it? I don’t think so, but everyone’s brains are a bit scrambled from all that they have suffered since the accident, and who knows. Nobody’s got an air-tight alibi, and since everyone is just a step from going off the deep end, anyone could have snapped and done the deed.

This manga is very suspenseful. Can the city kids, with hardly any supplies, survive long enough to be rescued? Without Kamiya, the answer to that is most definitely no. Not one of them has the slightest idea how to survive in the wilderness. Add in selfishness and human nature in general, and you have a group of traumatized survivors who are willing to work together – but only until their own survival is threatened.

The art in this bleak volume is very dark, and the infighting is well portrayed. Morishige is absolutely awful, and you can’t help but want to see karma pay her a visit. And while Kanno wants everyone to work together and get back home safely, she makes some major missteps that will have a lasting effect over her, as well as the others.

Grade: 4 stars

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About the book:

After experiencing countless tragedies, the remaining survivors have settled into their roles hoping to make it out of their ordeal alive. Nevertheless, tensions held over from the classroom still linger, especially when death strikes once again taking the life of the remaining six. Now with an actual murderer in their midst will these teens cling on to any thread of faith in one another, or will they ultimately succumb to their collective fears?