Manga Review: Dance in the Vampire Bund V 14 by Nozomu Tamaki

May Contain Spoilers

Welp, I have reached the final volume of Dance in the Vampire Bund. Only it’s not the end. It’s the end of part 1. So if you are looking for an actual conclusion, you need to look elsewhere, because this non-ending was disappointing.

We finally get some backstory on Alphonse, and I guess I can see why he acted as he did. Sort of. I can even understand why he chose to follow the fake Mina, at least at the beginning. Having given his heart and soul to the real Mina, only to have it thrown back in his face, could certainly cause some bad feelings. Especially when she gave her heart to an infant werewolf baby. I’m not going to get into how creepy that is. Mina and Akira’s relationship has always made me uncomfortable. She is centuries older than he is, and she groomed him to be at her servant. That’s kind of gross.

Beowulf forces arrive back in Japan just in time to stop a complete slaughter from occurring. So many humans, terrified of the vampires, started striking out at everyone in fear, killing many innocent humans in the process. I don’t think we ever found out what happened to the nutso mayor – may his punishment have been as brutal as his rhetoric.

We have an answer to why fake Mina did what she did, but her whole method of accomplishing her task seems so convoluted in retrospect.  And I still don’t understand what’s going on with the massive ancient underground cities, both of which were destroyed after Mina and Akira visited them. Maybe the answer is in the next story arc?

Overall, the first story arc of Dance in the Vampire Bund scored a solid 3.25 stars. There are a couple volumes where I felt that the story went completely off the rails, but since I was so far into the story, I stuck it out. The pointless nudity gets a demerit, but again, I realize that I am not the target market for this comic. The Lolita aspects give me the creeps, but in this case, again because of the massive age difference and power imbalance between Akira and Mina, I found it more disturbing that Mina is so obviously taken with the teenaged werewolf.

Will I read more of the series? Maybe. I do have the first book of the next series – it’s a rando graphic novel that just showed up one day, so I will probably read at least that one.

Grade: 3.75 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

The final volume in the #1 New York Times bestselling manga series!

Mina has finally been freed from captivity, and Akira has awakened to a new, powerful force inside him. Now, the battle to take back the Bund has begun. Mass panic over the vampire pandemic grips Tokyo, and Mina’s friends are surrounded by violent mobs. Can Mina reach her friends and subjects in time in order to save them?