Manga Review: Pokémon Adventures V 2 by Hidenori Kusaka & Mato @vizmedia

May Contain Spoilers

We catch up this Red on his merry way to Celadon City, as he continues his research mission for Professor Oak. He is also on his own personal mission to become the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer. When he falls for a scam early in the Chapter 15 and is was cheated out of money, I wondered, again, about the wisdom of Red blazing a trail around the world on his own. But no matter! He caught on quickly, and hopefully learned his lesson.

Volume 2 introduces new trainers and Pokémon, and revs up the dangers of dastardly Team Rocket. Their plot to create a powerful Pokémon weapon takes on a greater sense of urgency, and gives the bad guys a reason for popping up everywhere. Red bravely infiltrates their ranks, though how they failed to realize that one of their members was an imposter, I’ll never understand. I do enjoy how often the kids outsmart the villainous adults and manage to save the day time and again.

This volume introduced lots of new Pokémon, including one of my personal favorites, Eevee. Blue and Red are forced to work together again, putting their rivalry on the backburner while trying to save Pokémon or foil Team Rocket’s efforts to commit evil deeds.

Red gets himself in to big time trouble while visiting the Safari Zone because he just can’t follow the rules. This trait may make him a great Pokémon trainer, but it almost got him chomped on by an angry Nidoking. Red’s impulsiveness allows him to overcome the difficult challenges that threaten to derail him, and also makes things so much more difficult than if he had just slowed down and thought things through before leaping into danger feet first.

The chapters are short and the small story arcs are fun and exciting. The over-all story arc featuring Team Rocket is slowly teased to readers, as the black clad villains appear in the unlikeliest of places. Red hasn’t really had to deal with the masterminds yet, instead he’s been defeating Team Rocket’s minions, throwing up obstacles while they attempt to create a deadly bio-weapon.

The next volume should be fun. While all routes lead to Saffron City, none of the entrances seem to be accepting visitors. When Red returns to Pallet Town and finds it a ghost town and Professor Oak gone, Team Rocket tells him to get to Saffron City or else. With Blue already stewing at the gates, I’m curious to see how the guys work together to solve this problem.

Grade: 4  stars

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About the book:

Red’s mission in life is to catch and train all the Pokémon in the world…so he needs to get started while he’s still a boy. But these Pokémon aren’t inside his Gameboy or Nintendo or Wii…they’re real! Red has some stiff competition on his journey.
Chapters: 15 – 27