Manga Review: Dance in the Vampire Bund v 12 by Nozomu Tamaki


May Contain Spoilers

I have a love / hate relationship with this series. The action and the politics can be pretty fun, but the sexual abuse and gratuitous nudity detract from my reading experience. There was no reason for adult Mina to be running around without any clothes for half of this volume. Other than to give Akira an eyeful, I guess. The fan service might be a draw for other readers, but it does nothing for me.

Rozenmann has Mina hidden away in the Amazon, in a castle, of all places. Akira, with some help from a masked stranger, storms the castle to save Mina before the evil Rozenmann can inject her a substance that will “cement” her in her adult form so he can have his wicked way with her. Akira swoops in just in time to save his princess from this awful fate, and off they run to escape.

When Akira is on the verge of death, Mina must race back to the castle for a serum to save his life. So it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire, because you know that this isn’t going to be an easy task for her. She only has 48 hours to save her beloved Akira, and things are not looking good for either of them.

The relationship between the centuries old Mina and the teenage Akira is creepy. I try not to allow myself to stop and really think about it, because it is just icky. Talk about cradle robbing. Add in the Lolita Mina, or the overly endowed adult form Mina, and just…ick. The power difference between them is also cause for pause. Mina is his ruler, she is his queen, and they will never be on equal footing, regardless of her form.

Dance in the Vampire Bund isn’t one of my favorite series, but since I’ve read almost the entire thing, I might as well finish it. For the most part, it holds my interest, and the art is somewhat engaging.

Grade: 3.75 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol. 12, a graphic novel by Nozomu Tamaki
The New York Times bestselling series, now a hit anime from FUNimation!

The queen of vampires, Mina Tepes, has been replaced by an imposter, and only Yuki, now a mute, knows the truth. While the subjects of the Vampire Bund are unaware that an evil doppelganger rules over them, Mina’s most trusted friends remain sequestered on the sidelines. It’s up to Yuki to risk her life to convince Mina’s werewolf bodyguard Akira that the time has come to fight back.