Manga Review: Dance in the Vampire Bund V 11 by Nozomu Tamaki

May Contain Spoilers

I felt a little more connected to the story with this volume. After the long gap of time between reading the series, I, naturally, forgot what was going on, and who was doing what, and felt really out of touch with the previous volume. I settled into the story with V 11, and enjoyed it a lot more than V 10. Both because the story makes sense again, and because there was more action this time around. And the evil Mina imposter is about to get her comeuppance. I hope.

This volume starts with the icky scene of fake Mina molesting poor Akira while he’s sleeping. Yuck. Thankfully that did not last long, and it’s back fake Mina’s deceitful schemes to further disrupt the Bund and the vampires living in it.

Yuki is the only one who has realized that Mina is a dangerous fake, and of course she is in absolutely no position to do anything about it. Until suddenly she finds the strength and the power to tip off Akira, without fake-Mina being aware of what she was doing. Haha, Mina, the joke’s on you!

Soon after, Akira disappears, and Mina realizes she’s been had. After putting out an APB on Akira, things really hit the fan. Vera, Wolfgang, and the Beowulf all return in a flurry of guns and threats, only to be quickly subdued. Ah, man! That leaves only Akira still on the loose to put an end to the threat to the Bund, the vampires, and Mina. How will he get off the island when every single person on it has been ordered to apprehend him?

This was a fast-paced and suspenseful installment of the series. I couldn’t put it down. Akira quickly gets into a whole mess of trouble, but he skillfully manages to outmaneuver fake-Mina, both through sheer luck and with the help of friends in high places. Things still look rather hopeless at the end, though, as his dad is being held prisoner in the Bund, Akira has been cut off from his allies, and he has no idea where the real Mina is being kept. Time is of the essence, because the fake-Mina has powers over the vampires that only Mina should, further cementing her position on the throne. If Akira doesn’t find Mina soon, things will get even uglier.

I still find the art, particularly the characters’ noses, kind of jarring, but I love Akira #2’s character design. Especially his hair. How does he get all of that glorious hair?

While Dance in the Vampire Bund isn’t my favorite series, I like it well enough to want to finish it up. Since these have to go back to the library, I have to power through the final three volumes.

Grade: 4 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

The New York Times Bestselling series, now a hit anime from FUNimation!

The queen of vampires, Mina Tepes, has been replaced by an imposter, and only Yuki, now a mute, knows the truth. While the subjects of the Vampire Bund are unaware that an evil doppleganger rules over them, Mina’s most trusted friends remain sequestered on the sidelines. It’s up to Yuki to risk her life to convince Mina’s werewolf bodyguard Akira that the time has come to fight back.

Dance in the Vampire Bund is an ongoing manga series that features stunning artwork and an enthrallingly original supernatural narrative. The manga has been adapted into a hit anime series in Japan and licensed by FUNimation for North America. Volumes 7-9 of Dance in the Vampire Bund have hit the New York Times Manga Bestsellers List several times!