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May Contain Spoilers

Wow. This series is stunning so far. The hardcover presentation is top-notch, and the art is gorgeous. The age difference between Karluk and Amir didn’t even bother me as much this time around. The entire volume was engaging, and I couldn’t put it down.

A Bride’s Story is a slice of life series, and the first two volumes focus on Karluk and Amir, his older bride. Theirs is an arranged marriage, and the chapters revolve around Amir and Karluk, as well as Kurluk’s extended family. Pariya, a village woman about Amir’s age, is introduced, and though the two are complete opposites, they strike up a friendship over the community oven while baking bread. I hope we get a volume about Pariya and her so far unsuccessful attempts to find a husband. With her somewhat crabby disposition and lack of skill with needlework, the search has so far been fruitless.

Amir’s awful family reappears, and they are determined to take her back home, by force, and marry her off to a brutal clan. Two girls from her clan have already been married off to them, and both have been killed, violently. When the village puts up resistance, Amir’s family decides to fight back, under the cover of night, and steal her away, kicking and screaming if necessary.

Ugh. I am not a fan of Amir’s blood relatives. Good thing she’s found a new, safe home with Karluk’s family. They treat her with respect, are grateful for her contributions to the family, and have embraced her as a member of their family. When Amir’s own older brother refuses to put a stop to his family’s plan to retake her and send her off to a bunch of killers – ugh.

I could gush about the art all day, but  instead I’ll just ask you to check with your local library, or hop on over to your favorite bookstore, and scoop up a volume of A Bride’s Story. It’s beautifully illustrated, with interesting characters, and compelling vignettes. 

Grade: 4.25 stars

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About the book:

Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori’s tale of life on the nineteenth-century Silk Road continues as the young bride, Amir Halgal, struggles to remain with her new groom despite the wishes of her family, who would see her wed another. Will Amir be able to preserve the bonds she has cultivated in her new home?

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