Manga Review: One Punch Man V 14 by ONE & Yusuke Murata @shonenjump @vizmedia

May Contain Spoilers

ZOMG! This was such a great volume! The best so far, and the ending – wow! It almost had me in tears – before making me crack up. I can’t believe how much this series has improved, and how much I love it now. I am so glad that I kept reading, because I was going to give up at V 2. That would have been such a mistake.

Suiryu is confronted with a new challenge. Goketsu, a frighteningly strong monster, has bashed down a wall of the stadium and crashed the end of the martial arts tournament. He gives the competitors a choice – eat the monster cells he’s brought and turn into monsters, or die. What a choice! After flattening some Class A heroes, the remaining martial artists break into two groups. Those who want to be stronger, even if they become monsters, and those who want to fight Goketsu. Things don’t look too good for our monster fighters.

Suiryu is forced to fight the newly created monsters, and he doesn’t have an easy time of it. Exhausted, he must then face Goketsu. Most of this volume is glorious, high energy fighting. I don’t know how Suiryu stayed on his feet after having to battle so many powerful foes. But he does. Until he doesn’t. Realizing he is in deep doodoo, he cries for help. Isn’t there anyone who can save him from certain death at the hands (feet) of monsterized Bakuzan??

Of course there is. And I got chills when I read Saitama’s dialog.

Suiryu…I heard your cries for help. You did well all on your own. But leave the rest to me.

And I thought, gosh darn it all, Saitama really is a hero! And he’s freaking cool! Poor Suiryu is a bloody pulp, and thought he was on the verge of death, and in strides a hero. to save him. At great risk to his own life.  The experience changes Suiryu’s entire outlook on life. The last chapter was amazing, and I am looking forward to the next volume so much that I would have preordered it if it had been listed on Amazon. Sigh. Arghh! When is it coming out??

Grade: 4.5 stars

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About the book:

The monster Goketsu appears at the martial arts tournament, and in an attempt to turn its participants into monsters, he gives them monster cells. Tournament champ Suiryu fights the newly monsterized fighters one after another, until a certain hero rushes to his side to help!