Manga Review: One Piece V 7 by Eiichiro Oda @vizmedia @shonenjump

May Contain Spoilers

The battle for control of Baratie continues! Don Krieg proves again that he’s a ruthless cut-throat. And Gin, who is just following orders, beats the crap out of Sanji. Did I mention that the name of this volume is The Crap-Geezer? I wonder if they edited the word from a stronger description of poop?

Some weird dude wearing what look like pie plates, jumps into the battle. He’s Invincible Pearl, the second unit commander. Oh my! The things he does with his pie plates! Not only are they incredibly strong shields, but they make excellent bashing implements. Pearl has never been defeated, and, in fact, he has never bled during a fight. Imagine his dismay when a flying Luffy smashes into him and gives him a bloody nose. As usual, the comedic aspects of the fight battle with the sheer ridiculousness of the altercations, keeping even the most brutal of encounters somehow laughably entertaining.

We get some background on Sanji and his relationships with both Chef Zeff and food. Sanji may have a huge chip on his shoulder, but deep down he feels a lot of loyalty to both Zeff and the Baratie. Though his past makes it impossible for him to deny anyone food, not even a murderer like Krieg. While I think that taking a humanitarian view of strangers is admirable, I’m surprised that it hasn’t blown up in Sanji’s face before this disaster with Krieg.

Luffy’s function in this volume is to provide comedic relief. He isn’t allowed to flex his Gum-Gum muscle, because Gin has threatened to kill Zeff if either Sanji or Luffy interfere with the reign of terror pouring down on the restaurant and the staff. It takes all of Luffy’s willpower to not enter the fray with fists flying, and I am amazed at his restraint, because he is so impulsive and is known for acting first and thinking later.

The fight does not conclude here, but I am looking forward to Luffy kicking some crap out of Krieg. One Piece is a very fun read, with surprisingly emotional moments tucked into all of the goofy action.

Grade: 4 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

Don Krieg’s evil pirate armada attempts to hijack the oceangoing restaurant Baratie, but the pirate cooks put up a fierce resistance until Krieg reveals one of the greatest secret weapons in his arsenal–Invincible Pearl! When sous chef Sanji steps into the fray, it turns out that he and Chef Zeff have some unfinished business concerning the loss of the latter’s leg! Will their differences come between them or make the Baratie stronger? Either way, unfortunately for Luffy, it turns out that Don Krieg harbors an even deadlier weapon–Gin, the very man whose life Sanji once saved with a square meal!