Manga Review: Highschool of the Dead V 3 by Daisuke Sato & Shouji Sato

May Contain Spoilers

I love zombie stories, and a recent trip to the library netted a few volumes of Highschool of the Dead. I started reading this when it first came out, but stopped. I didn’t remember much about the plot, and once I started reading volume 3, I understood why. This is a totally forgettable story, with confusing dialog, panty shots, and enormous, deformed boobs. Maybe I shouldn’t have checked them from the library after all.

The high school kids, nurse Shizuka, and recently rescued Alice, are trying to escape the zombie infestation. With their newly acquired Hummer, they make for Rei’s home, since she lives the closest to their current location. They make it to the compound, are nearly killed by traps set in the street, and have the fight for their lives against a horde of the walking dead. Rei’s mother and the rest of her cavalry arrive just in the nick of time, but not before Kakashi uses Rei’s breasts as a gun rest. Erg. I knew I was in trouble then, but I just kept going.

Rei’s family lives in an enormous compound, and her father is the head of a right-wing group, the Devout Patriots. He’s like the Governor in TWD – he does not hesitate to eliminate threats to his group of followers, and he rules with an iron fist. The survivors who are seeking refuge in the compound and who aren’t his followers think he’s a menace, and they are contemplating a revolt. Meanwhile, the lecherous teacher Sidou proves just how nasty he is by kicking one of the students off his bus and into the arms of the zombies for the crime of questioning his motives.

Gah. I forgot how awful the illustrations of the women are. Why do their boobs look like pineapples?? The dialog often makes no sense, but the scenes with zombies are fun. Sidou’s group is using the zombie outbreak as an excuse to hold an orgy on their stolen school bus. For a villain, Sidou is sadly predictable and boring.  I have a few of these checked out from the library – not sure how many I will read before I give up. I am not the target market for this series.

Grade: 2.25 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

The high school escapees are joined by elementary-schooler Alice and a brave little dog as they make their way to the next safe house, not a soul (or corpse) in sight. The Alice’s presence eases the tension, but as Marikawa-sensei drives farther into the neighborhood, “they” seem to be out in greater numbers. The car struggles to shake the relentless zombies while Takashi and Rei cling perilously to the roof. The group has been lucky so far, but will their determination and makeshift arsenal be enough to make it to safety alive?