Manga Review: One-Punch Man V 11 by ONE & Yusuke Murata @shonenjump

May Contain Spoilers

Metal Bat has his work cut out for him! A gianormous centipede monster, bigger than a city block, is terrorizing City S. This creature is my worst nightmare. I hate bugs, especially bugs with many legs, and this thing has hundreds and hundreds of creepy, crawly legs. Good thing nothing fazes Metal Bat!

Garo interferes with the battle, determined to continue with his hero hunting. Metal Bat isn’t such an easy opponent, though, and Garo has his work cut out for him. And once again, we are treated to page after glorious page of the battle, which is oh so easy to follow. The fight scenes in this manga are by far the best of the series that I am currently reading. The action is all clearly detailed, leaving no question about what is going on. The art is simply spectacular.

Saitama is entered in the martial arts tournament, with hopes that he will get a few pointers on martial arts. Predictably, that’s not what happens. Here we don’t get the customary punch; instead, we get a slap. How is he going to ever learn martial arts if he continues to take out his opponents on the first blow?

While Saitama is otherwise occupied, monsters are crawling out of each and every nook and cranny in all of the cities. The heroes just can’t keep up with the onslaught. Things seem completely hopeless. The only good revelation to come out of all the monster fighting is that Garo has no interest in joining them. He’s only interested in hero hunting, even though he admires the monsters. So, I guess that’s a bit of good news for the humans?

Grade: 4.25 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

While Saitama’s distracted at a martial arts tournament, Centichoro, a threat-level Dragon monster, attacks! Metal Bat engages it in battle but struggles against its gargantuan size. The monster knocks him into the distance and right into the path of hero-hunter Garo!