Manga Review: Honey So Sweet V 5 by Amu Meguro @shojobeat

May Contain Spoilers

Okay, this volume got really weird and awkward during Nao and Onise’s Christmas date, and the grade is getting dinged for it. After a fun gathering with Misaki, Yashiro, and Futami, Nao and Onise find themselves – alone! They are interrupted from their tender handholding by Onise’s mother. She gives Onise chocolates, and because they have booze in them, he passes out. Seems he can’t tolerate alcohol, and even the littlest taste knocks him unconscious. Hmmmm.

This conveniently leaves Nao at the mercy of Onise’s mother. And what does his mother do during her first heart to heart with her youngest son’s girlfriend? She gropes Nao and tries to guess her breast size. I’m like – What?? Onise hasn’t even copped a feel yet, and his mother dives in there, without even a please may I? I thought I somehow stumbled into the wrong series. That I was somehow reading a boy’s gag manga. Ugh.

After this uncomfortable moment, the series gets back to its sweet roots. Sou is upset that Nao didn’t even think to call him and let him know that she won’t be home that night – on Christmas yet! There is jealousy galore from the adults in this volume, and while I don’t get Onise’s mom’s behavior, Sou’s was more in the realm of what I would expect from a parent or guardian. As their disagreement continues, it’s Onise who forces them to talk and work things out – just like family is supposed to do.

And then we have the obligatory Valentine’s Day chocolate making episode. I don’t understand why the girls in manga waste so much time and money, especially when they admittedly can’t cook, to make chocolate for their boyfriends. Just save yourself the time and go buy it! I’m sure that just like here, Japanese stores offer a wide variety of specially packaged delicious gems, probably already gift wrapped, too! Make a lasting impression by giving the man of your heart store bought candy!

Despite that weird zoom into awkward land, this was a cute volume. Nao and Onise are so shy and innocent they are not really believable, but they talk to each other, share their dreams, and support each other when things get rough. Will they ever work up the courage to kiss, or take things even further? I’m beginning to have my doubts. This series is so sweet it will give you a cavity, but it’s a satisfying read in the end.

Grade: 3.75 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

Although Nao Kogure was once afraid of the delinquent Taiga Onise, she was soon touched by his kind soul. Nao and Taiga plan a romantic date on Christmas, but Yashiro, Misaki and Futami push their way in to make it a party at Taiga’s house instead. Though their friends leave early to allow Nao and Taiga some time alone, someone else interrupts them—Taiga’s mom!