Audio Review: Getting Schooled by Emma Chase

May Contain Spoilers

This was such a treat! I only borrowed it because it’s part of Audible’s Romance Package, and wow! I loved this story so much! I have to read Emma Chase’s backlist and see if her other books are as good.

This is a second chance at love romance, and since that’s one of my favorite tropes, I was all on board with this. Garrett Daniels is a high school teacher and the coach of his hometown’s football team. He had dreams of playing professionally, but a college injury put a nix on that. Inspired by a college professor, he decides to get a teaching degree and he now teaches in the same school he once ran rampant through.

Callie is Garrett’s former high school sweetheart. She has just gotten a longed for promotion, but her parents’ accident sends her home to assist with their care. She takes a leave of absence and applies for the drama instructor position that’s opened up at her old high school. To her surprise, she gets the job, but can she keep her sanity while trying to teach a bunch of wise-cracking teenagers?

Callie and Garrett never really got over each other. They broke up, at Callie’s insistence, because she didn’t think a long distance relationship would work. Once Callie left her small hometown, she decided she didn’t want to go back. San Diego turned out to be her happy place, and she didn’t think if would be fair to drag Garrett from his large, boisterous family to California. When she sees him again, though, it’s like no time has passed and she still feels the same way for him.

I really liked the characters, the setting, and Garrett. He pretends to be a tough guy, but all he really wants is Callie and his dog Snoopy to be one happy family. As they slowly get to know their new students, work through teenage drama, and deal with their dysfunctional families, they wonder why they ever broke up in the first place. All during the narration, I just got a sense that they belonged together, and gosh darn it, guys! Get your acts together! This story made me laugh, and it made me cry, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Grade: 4.5 stars

Review copy borrowed from Audible Romance Package

About the book:

Head of the class…
Garrett Daniels has this whole life thing figured out.
The cocky, charismatic former high school star quarterback is an idolized football coach and “cool” teacher in the hometown where he’s not just a golden boy—he’s platinum. He has good friends, a great house on the lake, and the best damn sidekick a man could ask for: Snoopy, the albino beagle.
Then…Callie Carpenter comes home.
And knocks him right on his tight end zone.
Back to school…
Callie has a pretty sweet life herself…on the other side of the country. But circumstances—that she’d prefer to never speak of again—have brought her back home, helping out her parents and substitute teaching at her old high school.
Now she’s facing bickering, raging hormones, constant gossip, awkward weirdness, and drama galore…and that’s just the teachers.
Just like old times…
When Garrett offers to show his former high school sweetheart the secrets of his winning teacher ways, Callie jumps at the chance—and then has to stop herself from jumping him.
Good friends are all they can ever be.
Or…these teachers just might end up getting schooled—hard—by love.