Manga Review: One-Punch Man v 3 by ONE and Yusuke Murata @shonenjump

May Contain Spoilers

I must finally be starting to appreciate the sheer ridiculousness of this series, because this volume really clicked with me. Maybe it’s because there is finally some structure to the chapters; Saitama has goals he has to meet if he hopes to continue being a member of the Hero Association. Or maybe because there were no booger jokes this time around.

Saitama decides that he’s going to take the test to be admitted into the Hero Association. After three years of being a super hero for fun, of taking down one vile threat to humanity after another, he’s fed up. He wants people to know who he is. With Genos in tow, they head over to take the test and get their names and faces posted on the Hero Association’s website.

While Saitama passes the physical tests with flying colors, the written tests give him a little trouble. He’s disappointed with his rank of Class C hero, one of the lowest possible. When Genos surpasses his efforts and is classified as a Class S hero, Saitama wonders if he’s not in the wrong business. When Genos informs him that he has a week to accomplish some heroic tasks, or he’ll be erased from the hero registry, he panics. What is he going to do??

The action was once again unyielding, and I actually found the humor funny this time. This was a quick, entertaining read, and when I finished I wanted to read the next volume. So finally, One-Punch Man has found success with me, and I read this volume from front to back in one sitting.

Grade: 4 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

A manga series that packs quite the punch!
Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking guy has a not-so-average problem—he just can’t seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on! For three years, Saitama has defeated countless monsters, but no one knows about him… That’s because he isn’t in the Hero Association’s registry! Together with Genos, Saitama decides to take the Hero Association’s test! But can they pass?!