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I picked up this series because the first volume was three bucks on Amazon, and the cover is cute. I had no idea what The Royal Tutor was about, but after just a few pages of V1, I was charmed. This is an engaging slice of life manga about a passel of spoiled princes and their unlikely tutor.

Volume 1 introduces Heine Wittgenstein, a ridiculously young looking professor who has been asked to tutor the kingdom of Granzreich’s four youngest princes. Heine is the latest in a long succession of tutors. The princes’ bad behavior has chased away the previous educators, and Heine is determined to take his flock of students firmly in hand. The king worries that something will happen to the crown prince, and so he desires to have his four youngest sons educated, in case one of them must assume the mantle of kingship.

The princes are terribly spoiled by their doting grandmother, but Heine welcomes the challenge. Heine’s efforts to win the regard of his students takes up most of the first volume. The four brothers don’t welcome Heine with open arms, and so follows a game of cat and mouse, where Heine uses his superior intellect to charm, cajole, or threaten his students into giving their utmost efforts to their studies.

Both volumes are fun and humorous, with beautiful artwork. I love the clothing and rakish hairstyles, as well as the exaggerated expressions. The art is utterly delightful.

As Heine gets to know his new pupils, he discovers their weaknesses and their strengths, and he ruthlessly manipulates each prince into becoming the best he can be. By V 2, most of the princes view Heine favorably, though Leonhart, with his inability to perform even the most simple mental tasks, hasn’t entirely come around yet.

The princes’ diverse personalities, along with Heine’s steady guidance, make for a fun read. I’m curious to see what trouble they all get into in future volumes.

Grade: 4.25 stars

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About the book:

When the king returns to court, it’s time for the princes to prove their mettle. But not everyone’s been exactly keeping up with Heine’s lessons… (Hint: It’s the prince who only scored a one on his assessment test…and that was for signing his name!) Can Heine really whip these boys into shape well enough to rule a country?

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