Review: Twins for the Texas Rancher by Marin Thomas

May Contain Spoilers

I grabbed Twins for the Texas Rancher after the library added two months of Western Romance to their collection. Having read Marin Thomas in the past, I started with the second book in her Cowboys of Stampede, Texas series. I vaguely remember starting the first book, it not holding my attention, and putting it down for another day. This one worked better for me, but mainly because the hero has some different challenges to overcome.

Sadie is the mother of twins, Tommy and Tyler. Tommy has ADD, and caring for him while holding down a full time job can be a strain. With absolutely no help from her ex, Sadie struggles to keep life on an even keel for both of her boys. She feels that Tyler gets shortchanged because Tommy demands so much attention, and she feels guilty for that.

After losing her job, Sadie packs up the boys and heads to Stampede. She’s going to take some time to chill, staying with her wealthy aunt. When she gets lassoed into helping the Hardells with their bookkeeping, she and Logan Hardell try to fight their attraction. Sadie isn’t going to be in town for long, and she’s not ready to deal with Logan’s challenges.

And what are those challenges? Logan has ADD. He has tried to hide it from his friends and family, but Sadie has his number right away. The similarities between Logan and Tommy are striking, and Sadie doesn’t want to be a caregiver to two people who need constant attention. She longs for a stable partner, someone organized who can help take care of Tommy and his ups and downs. As patient and caring as Logan is with the twins, she doesn’t think he is a candidate for a long term relationship.

I really liked Logan. He knows that he has problems, and that his lack of focus might cost the family ranch. After quitting the rodeo, something he was good at, and being forced to go back home and take care of the ranch, he is holding a bit of a grudge against his younger brothers. With his days filled with ranch chores, he lacks the energy to attend to the bookkeeping after a long day riding fences or taking care of livestock. After the bills pile up, bank notices left unanswered or lost, the consequences for his inability to take care of the paperwork are nothing short of catastrophic.

Logan recognizes that if he has any chance to make a future with Sadie, he needs to get his ADD under control. I liked that, though he still had reservations, he went and sought professional help for himself. If he was hoping to win Sadie over, he needed to show her that he was willing to put forth whatever effort it took to prove to her that he was serious about their relationship and that he wouldn’t be another burden for her. There is no miracle cure for Logan, but through hard work, he learns that discipline and a routine are keys to managing his ADD.

I enjoyed reading about a hero with real world issues, who isn’t a gabillionaire. Logan can’t wave a magic wand and make life perfect for Sadie or the twins, but through hard work and dedication, he can make a better life for all of them as a family.

Grade: 3.75 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:


Sadie McHenry and her twin sons are heading home to Stampede, Texas. Sadie wants a chance to start over after being laid off—and she might have found it with rancher Logan Hardell. Logan instantly bonds with her boys, especially with Tommy, whose ADD makes him a handful. But Logan seems to understand the four-year-old’s needs and seeing them together melts Sadie’s heart.

Logan’s ranch is at risk, so Sadie agrees to help with their books—putting Logan on twin patrol! With his fun-loving approach to the kids and his rugged appeal, Sadie can’t understand why he’s ruled out a family of his own. But she’s not giving up on him just yet. Because Sadie’s convinced Logan is exactly what she and her boys need!