Review: Pony Express Special Delivery by Rhonda Gibson

May Contain Spoilers

This is the third Saddles & Spurs book that I’ve read, and I have really enjoyed them all. I didn’t even read the synopsis when I saw this pop up  at the library. I just clicked the borrow button with an eager smile and saved it for some weekend reading.

Pony Express Special Delivery is about studious Clayton Young. He has longed to be a doctor since he was a young boy, and he’s been saving every penny of his Pony Express earnings so he can study and make his dreams come true after he’s finished with the mail service. Agreeing to manage the station at the Fillmore ranch in Wyoming, his life quickly takes an unexpected turn. He arrives just in time to save Maggie Fillmore’s newborn baby, and untangles a mystery at the same time.

Clayton is dismayed that the young widow was left alone when she was so close to her delivery date, and after confronting the ranch foreman, he doesn’t feel any better about the situation he’s just walked into. The cousin of Maggie’s late husband, Gus thinks that the ranch should be his, and he’ll do just about anything to get his hands on the land and the cattle. With his protective nature in overdrive, Clayton decides that he’ll do whatever he must to keep the ranch in Maggie and baby James’ possession, even give up his dreams to be a doctor.

This series excels in the feel good department. Clayton is such a good guy, taking Maggie, her young sister, and the baby under his wing and doing everything in his power to protect them. He’s still stinging from the betrayal of his ex, and he doesn’t want to ever fall in love, but the kids have him wearing his heart on his sleeve. Maggie is also reeling from loss – first, her father walked out on them, and then her husband up and died, leaving her alone, again. She doesn’t trust Clayton to keep his word and stick around, and this conflict keeps them at arms length for most of the book.

The ending is a little too convenient, but overall, Pony Express Special Delivery is an engaging read with a convincing HEA. I wonder what the author will cook up next?

Grade: 4.5 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

Conveniently Wed

Pony Express manager Clayton Young arrives for his new assignment at a Wyoming ranch just in time to save Maggie Fillmore’s ailing baby. The lovely young widow is struggling to care for a ranch, her sister and a newborn, and Clayton plans to pursue medicine—not marriage. Yet Maggie’s dire situation spurs him to offer a match of convenience…

Maggie hoped never to rely on any man again, even one as kind as Clayton. But with her late husband’s greedy cousin trying to take away her farm, she has little choice. And though Maggie worries her union with Clayton might not be enough to save her farm, she soon sees it could be just what her heart needs.