Review: The Maverick’s Return by Marie Ferrarella

May Contain Spoilers

I borrowed The Maverick’s Return from the library because of the cowboy on the cover. I know. I’m so transparent. I love me my cowboy books. While I wasn’t too enamored with Daniel, this was a light, quick read.

Daniel Stockton has been away from home for 12 years. He hasn’t spoken to any of his siblings in all that time, or the girl he left behind when he fled Montana. After seeing his brother on TV, he decides it’s time to head home and try to mend some bridges.

Anne Lattimore is the girl Daniel left behind. After his parents’ funeral, he disappeared, and she hasn’t heard from him since. Pregnant with his child, she searched for him, desperate to find him. After all of these years, she hasn’t been able to move on, and her love for Daniel has ruined her marriage.

When Daniel shows up on her doorstep, with no warning, after no contact for 12 years, I don’t think I’d have let into the house. Anne and her ex have agreed to tell Janie, Anne’s daughter, that Hank is her father. Daniel throws a wrench in that, because once he’s back in the picture, Anne’s conscience forces her to tell him the truth.

Daniel irritated me. I didn’t have any faith that he would stick around when the going go tough. I could understand why he felt so much guilt when he was teenager, and why he felt he was responsible for his parents’ tragic accident, but come on. He’s older and should have been wiser, but I don’t feel that he ever matured. Even when he learns that he has a pre-teen daughter, the flight instinct was kicked into overdrive. It took until almost the end of the book for him to decide to stay in Rust Creek, to make the commitment to his family, and I thought that it took him too long.

This is a quick, sweet read, though, and despite Daniel’s quirks, I enjoyed it. I think this is the first book I’ve read by the author; I wouldn’t hesitate to read something by her again.

Grade: 3.75 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

Congratulations…it’s a girl!

Rust Creek Ramblings

Talk about mending fences—have you heard that rugged rancher Daniel Stockton is back in town? It’s been ten years since Dan left Rust Creek Falls with Anne Lattimore’s heart in tow. She soon married someone else and had a child, but their marriage didn’t last. We here at the Gazette think we know why. It has something to do with Anne’s beautiful daughter, Janie…

Now that Dan has returned, will Anne find the courage to forgive him—and tell him that sweet Janie is really his? Will Dan find the courage to ask for a second chance? Stay tuned, you hopeful romantics, to see if love really can conquer all!