Audio Review: ZOMB-B Baby by Darren Shan

May Contain Spoilers

I didn’t enjoy ZOM-B Baby as much as previous volumes. It seemed really, really short, or maybe I was just getting fed up with B. She carries such a massive chip on her shoulder, it’s a wonder she is mobile at all. She has what I call a piss poor attitude, and maybe after listening to two volumes in a row of her snapping, growling, and barking at everyone around her, I was wondering why anyone is friendly with her at all.

B decides that Dr. Oystein is nutters, and she can’t stay with him or his angels any longer. She heads out alone, after a stupid stunt with Rage that almost gets her permanently dead, and tries hanging out with real (dumb) zombies instead. Once she realizes that they haven’t the capacity to give her the sense of belonging she longs for, she moves on, eventually meeting up with Timothy again. Timothy is delighted to show off his zombie paintings to B, and to also show her the hideous zombie baby he’s been caring for. Ick.

I think that this volume disappointed because just as events got rolling, the book ended. Like, dead stop. Good thing I had already checked the next book out from the library. I was going to actually read the next one, but Emma Galvin is such an entertaining narrator, I stuck with the audio book.  I really enjoy listening to this on my way to and from work, finding it a great stress reliever.  B’s life makes mine look golden.

Grade: 3.25 stars

Review copy borrowed from my local library

About the book:

B has spent the last few months bunking with the Angels, a group of teens dedicated to eradicating the evil dead from the face of the earth, beginning with the undead roaming the abandoned wreckage that was once London. But the Angels’ mission is a bit more complicated than that, and B takes to the streets of a very changed London to decide: is it a mission really to be believed? But instead of answers, B finds a horror beyond imagining.