Review: The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels by Debra Holt

May Contain Spoilers

I decided to give The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels a spin because it has a single father with a young daughter, and oh, yeah, there’s a puppy. I know, I know. The things that grab my attention. I also liked the small town setting. What’s not to like about everyone in town getting in everybody’s business?

Emma is headed to the big city for an interview when disaster strikes. Her old, less than reliable vehicle breaks down. Trapped in a small town with no money and no place to stay, she’s on the edge of despair. Then she saves a young girl who had chased after a puppy, and fortune suddenly turns its spotlight on her. When the girl’s grandmother offers her a job at her son’s ranch, with a room included, she can’t say no.

I have to admit that for the first 34% of the story, I found Cole to be a completely unlikable guy. What a jerk.  Then suddenly he didn’t seem quite so bad, and before I knew what happened, I actually liked him. So a nod to the author for giving the guy a chip on his shoulder, and then showing how Emma slowly wore it away.

My other complaint, if you could call it that, is that Emma is a bit of a Mary Sue. Life just keeps kicking her in the teeth, and she just takes it. Cole is grump to her, and rude as can be, and she doesn’t fire back at him. The book is uplifting enough, and such feel good read, though, that I didn’t care. Maybe the current state of the world has me so down that the message of this story resonated for me.

This is my first book by the author, but it won’t be the last. It may be a little early for Christmas themes (at least for me!), but the holiday spirit was well incorporated into the story. Colt’s meddling mother constantly finds ways to throw the couple together, and his villainous ex shows up right as they are starting to make progress in their relationship. There is a frustrating lack of communication, from both Emma and Colt, but everything worked out to my satisfaction in the end.

Grade: 3.75 – 4 stars

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About the book:

Angels. Emma Cramer doesn’t consider herself an angel by any stretch of the imagination. Temporarily stranded, broke and unable to pursue her dreams of working in the big city following her mother’s death, Emma’s life changes when she rescues a small child and a puppy who get trapped in a garage where Emma’s truck has finally breathed its last . The girl’s relieved and grateful grandmother believes Emma has been sent by angels because her family needs temporary help. She offers Emma a job, a good salary and a place to stay until after the holidays. It seems like a Christmas miracle for both of them.
Angels often appear when least expected, but when the most needed. Cynical sheriff and rancher Cole Drayton has heard that all his life, but he’s never been in the market for much else. He can take care of his daughter, his ranch and his family on his own without his meddling mother, but his long protected heart and desire for isolation is no match for a beautiful stranded stranger and a misfit puppy who make his daughter laugh and him feel alive again.
Can unsuspecting hearts intersect at the moment when love and trust is needed most? Anything is possible with the magic of the Christmas season and faith in the Christmas angels.