Review: Enveloping Shadows by Lauren DM Smith

Review by Poo Penny

May Contain Spoilers

Well, I chose this book because it was short, and it seemed like a fantasy, not a romance. I have been reading a lot of romances lately, and thought I could use a little break from all the “slamming needs” and “slanting mouths to deepen kisses.”

I am not sure if there was any romance in this, it just felt like that was the direction that was being taken between Zel and Terrwyn. And seeing as how Zel decided to trust Terrwyn with his people’s secret, their legacy, after knowing her for only 5 seconds, I was getting a little aggravated with this book. Zel did threaten to basically chase her through bowels of hell if she ever told a soul, but I feel like there was a lot of trust going back and forth for people who just met. Under very bizarre circumstances. This all before the book was halfway over, which, for a 150 page book, took me nearly a whole day. That is a LOOOOOONG time for me, so obviously I was just not into the story that much. I think there was some potential, but after the instant trust, and Terrwyn being a little more worried about how attracted she is to Zel than her rescue mission, I had to give up.

Grade: DNF @50%

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About the book:

A fierce and beautiful warrior.
A man of secrets and shadows.
Only together can they stop the awakening horror.
Rumors of monsters and dark magic are circulating through the court, but Terrwyn is little concerned. Her superb sword skills are all she needs to protect the princess Aricia—and as chief bodyguard, the princess’s safety is Terrwyn’s only mission.
Too late, she realizes her mistake: a stranger cloaked in darkness snatches the princess before Terrwyn can react.
When a handsome stranger emerges from the shadows to save her life, Terrwyn has little choice but to allow him to accompany her. Zelek, shrouded in secrecy and on a mission of his own, has special skills that Terrwyn needs.
Together the warrior and the shadow-whisperer forge a plan to rescue the princess, and find themselves plummeting not only headlong into evil, but into the depths of passion and love.
This book is approximately 52,000 words
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