Guest Post: Fire Danger by Claire Davon

This morning I have a guest post from Clare Davon, author of Fire Danger.   Grab a cup of coffee and check it out!

The evolution of Fire Danger by Clare Davon

My recently released paranormal romance Fire Danger, the first in a projected five book series, started life about ten years ago. I’d had this idea for immortal-but-not-unkillable Elementals loosely tied to the four elements whose job it was to protect the human world from their Demonos counterparts. I wrote the first hundred pages in a fever, ideas flying out of my head and onto the paper.

Well. The project stalled when I hit a point that required a far deeper knowledge of world politics than I had. I had ideas about diamond mines and political maneuverings and…it just bogged down. I tried to slog through it, I even wrote around the sticky point and crafted the end (which has remained largely intact) but I couldn’t break through that wall. There were other reasons too, my vagueness around Challenge and what it actually meant chief among them and I wound up putting this book to the side. It was something I wanted to get back to but time went by as time is wont to do. It was always there in the back of my mind like a mantra “finish the Elementals. Finish the Elementals.”

Two years ago I listened to that persistent inner voice. I dusted off those hundred pages. There were tons of flaws and some unworkable bits. Things that seemed cutting edge eight years earlier were now passé. All four Elementals were male when the series started—I do apologize to the former Hippocampus who I killed to make way for a female water Elemental. I still didn’t have an answer for Challenge but the characters were just too good to let slide. Then lightning struck, as often happens, and I did know the answer for Challenge. It was easy from there, as easy as writing and crafting the story arc could be. After the fire Elemental Phoenix had his say next up was air Elemental Griffin, who only had a chapter written to his name ten years earlier, then Ondine, the new water Elemental, whose story wasn’t even considered, and the dual Sphynx earth Elemental whose powers were unknown to me when Phoenix first lit my imagination. All of the stories are now written and only await their right time to see the light of day.

Part of it was that I had grown and evolved and the plot holes that seemed so daunting in the past were only obstacles to be overcome now. Part of it was that the business of paranormal romance had changed and there were so many more options. It’s a wonderful time to be a paranormal writer and it was the right time to finish the series. I am excited about this world that overlays our own and I hope that readers feel that same way.

Happy reading!

Claire Davon

Fire Danger: Elementals Challenge #1 by Claire Davon

Date of Publication: June 21, 2016


All her life, a faint memory of her parents and fire has glowed at the back of Rachel Quinn’s mind. With her parents long dead, there is no one to clarify what it means.

When a gorgeous winged man rescues her from a pack of werewolves, something flares to life inside Rachel. Suddenly she can see the paranormal world around her, a world unseen by mortals. And far more complicated.

When Phoenix’s massive orange-and-red wings erupt from his back, he knows his Challenge-an age-old battle against his Demonos counterpart-is upon him. Heeding Rachel’s cry for help adds a layer of complexity never seen in any previous Challenge.

Rachel, they discover, isn’t entirely human. Like Phoenix, she commands fire. Fire calls to fire, and soon they are succumbing to a fierce attraction. As the Challenge bears down on them, though, Phoenix must discover what the Demonos has in store for mankind. If he doesn’t succeed, the entire world will be swallowed up in darkness-and Rachel along with it.

Warning: When the mortal and the Elemental worlds collide, the resulting smoke could cause heart palpitations, teary eyes, and a sudden need to fan yourself. Keep a cooler of cold drinks handy.

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About Claire Davon

Claire now lives in Los Angeles, so many of her stories are set there, too. But she is originally from Brookline, Massachusetts, so that location frequently pops up in her work, too. Claire spends her free time writing, doing animal rescue, and enjoying the sunshine. She specializes in writing romances of all kinds and never shies away from the “between the sheets” elements!

The first in her Elementals’ Challenge series, called “Fire Danger” was released by Samhain Publishing on June 21, 2016. It is the first but definitely won’t be the last in this exciting paranormal world!

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